Beyonce Fans Celebrate "4" in South Africa's Largest Township

Stateside, Beyonce's latest offering is enjoying some vindication at the Top of the charts. Word is, even Columbia/Epic Label group is going GAGA over Queen B and have claimed that they never had doubts about the sucess of "4" when it flew to No.1. Of course they'd say that... Locally though, Beyonce fans in Soweto are planning to celebrate the release of "4" with a BANG.

I have been tracking 4's journey up the charts and was looking forward to seeing how South Africans would receive it BUT ... I never expected this. Yep, Soweto will be hosting a Beyonce Celebration Party on Friday, 29th July.  Ahhh... if only Bey could be there and see how the pantsula jive is really done.

The home of Pantsula dance is where fans of the diva will be saying, WE LOVE YOU BEYONCE!!!

Question.. ((pause)) is this gonna be a gay event?

(yeah like that was not the first thought on your mind when you opened this page)

The host, DJ Ugin, was quick to set the record STRAIGHT.
"We celebrate Beyonce simply because she resonates with a lot of our people"
What?! what's Beyonce got in common with Sowetans for her to "resonate" with them?
"There is something healing and inspiring about her music and performances, almost like Lebo Mathosa. The way her music translate to everybody's lives even though she is not South African."
Ohhhkay, so naturally I wondered; I love Bey but why would I wanna go all the way to Soweto for this?
DJ Ugin who hails from Diepkloof beamed;
"True Beyonce fans should come through to capture the Beyonce spirit and feed off of one another's passion and love for her. We've been callin on Beyonce to come to SA but we are not gonna wait for her to come for us to celebrate her... Who Run This Mother..."
Dude you're so gay, I said.
"I love Beyonce and as a DJ I know the effect she has on the people."
I have to agree with Ugin there, you can't play a Beyonce song is a club and not have somebody dancing to or singing along. Oh well, here's to Beyonce fans in Soweto. Hope ya'll have a blast!


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