Celebrate The Real Amy Winehouse

It annoys me when people die and we want to make them saints when they never were. Amy was a tragedy waiting to happen. 

She was honest abt who and what she was, why should we now lie about her? Drugs took her talent and future long before it took her life, we all knew it. 

Celebrate her life but do not sugarcoat her reality because that will not solve the problem. Let this be a lesson to many facing what she had to endure.

That was my Facebook status after watching people trying to excuse Amy's behaviour and some just trying to be in denial about the truth surrounding Amy Winehouse. Let's be honest here people.

This was not like a Heathe Ledger situation where his drug overdose send shock waves around the world. we had a woman here whom by all account, was not ashamed of her destructive lifestyle and found it ok to sing proudly about refusing to get help.

Amy famously said "NO! NO! NO!" to rehab. we all laughed and danced to her tune refusing to acknowledge the sad truth that lied behind those catchy lyrics. What I admire about her is that she atleast took responsibility for her actions.

She did not try and blame other people for her troubles. though the media tried to pin her against her family, she always maintained that her reckless behaviour had nothing to do with how she was raised. Kudos to her for that. Did she need help? of course.

Should there have been people to help her? Absolutely. But we all know you can not save someone who does not want to be saved.

What bothers me about some of the messages on Twitter and Facebook, especially from celebrities, is that they are sending the wrong message to people who should be looking at this tragic loss of a talented individual at only 27 and change their lives. 

When these celebrities ignore the reality of Amy's self destructive life and try to paint her as this damsel who didn't know what she was getting herself into, they are not only being unjust to her memory but are also perpetuating the problem that led to Amy's untimely demise. 

The message we should be sending is that DRUGS KILL... There is no reason that Amy should be dead at 27. 

In response to my Facebook status Viv wrote;
I don't think people are sugar Coating everyone knows she wasn't a saint its just that she was very talented and had lots of fans me included so we can't help but be sad about her death people hoped she wud one day see the light

My response was;
Viv, I am also a huge fan of Amy. I am by no means saying we shouldn't mourn her death or the loss of her talent. However it bothers me when some ppl esp celebrities now want to make Amy into this good girl who had an accident just because it makes them look good and compassionate. Thats a lie.
This was a woman who sang about refusing to go to rehab. We all knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. This is a woman who did not give a fuck about projecting an image of clean living. She was no role-model in that regard and if we truly loved her talent and her for who she was we should acknowledge that. Thats all I am saying

To elaborate on that response, Amy's family also expected something like this to happen.  Amy's mother, Janis, said this in 2008;
"I realize my daughter could be dead within the year,"
"We're watching her kill herself, slowly. I've already come to terms with her dead. I've steeled myself to ask her what ground she wants to be buried in, which cemetery. Because the drugs will get her if she stays on this road. I look at Heath Ledger... She's on (his) path. It's like watching a car crash -- this person throwing all these gifts away."
Now you look at some of our young local celebrities who are always strung out and we are too happy to look the other way. 

When ish hit the fan you'll see us on Twitter and facebook trying to look all understanding and compassionate by writting silly messages that do nothing but serve our own need to be politically correct and score some points out of someone's woes. 

You look at cases like the Jub Jub incident. Surely people around him knew about his drug problem and did nothing, as soon as he kills innocent kids and is on the headlines, now people want to comment on his behaviour and offer support. Screw that, help me before I get to that point, that's what I say.

When TK died, even though it was widely reported that she died of drug overdose, people tip-toed AROUND IT.. Drugs are destroying many careers even today.

Young black celebs are making money but have nothing to show for it because they spend it on drugs. WE know about this and we ignore it. Situations like Amy's death should be a wake up call to all these young guys that if they do not clean up their acts they will end up the same way.

Yes we wanna remember the best in our friends and idols when they pass on and we should.

However, we should not be so caught up in trying to remember them at their best that we end up celebrating the person they we not.

Someone who lived a full and open life like Amy ought to be honoured in the same colourfulness that she lived her life in.

If you gonna celebrate her like she was some church girl then you are not celebrating her but someone else.

RIP, Amy. Your talent will be sorely missed


Anonymous said...

Phil,i share your sentiments.
The case is worsened by the comments of her father at her funeral.He alluded to the fact that Amy had cleaned up her act,was happy,now in a loving relationship,was free from drugs and was just sorting out her drink problem.
I shuddered and was disappointed at how the man could not cease the moment and speak some truth to the denying drug addicted community.

Anonymous said...

And now we have confirmation that there were no illegal drugs found in her body, will you take any of this back anonymous? You've had ample time but yet there are no more comments. You see you are more damaging than people who hide from the truth addicts do lie, it's part of the self-preservation, but addiction is an illness, you jumped to a conclusion, she was no angel, but Mitch was right and you have suggested otherwise of him and his daughter! May Amy RIP there are no doubts that she struggled with her demons but you didn't even give her the benefit of the doubt

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