A Journey Begins With A Step And Some Lessons Learnt

The biggest mistake that I have noticed in this country is that everybody wants a shortcut to success. Granted some have been able to achieve their dreams by taking that chance but many have failed. Most young guys, especially blacks have been able to taste sucess in this business but sadly the ride is always shortlived. 

When I got into this industry, I asked myself why that was the case and it dawned on me. We all want to be famous but very few of us know how to own our ideas and names as brands.

We as blacks are just happy to be on tv and magazine... oh and lets not forget that "celebrity" tag we all strive for. Unfortunately we do not have the bank balances to accompany that perceived success that our fans think we have achieved. 

Our white counterparts are able to have the "Top Billing" lifestyle while they do the same jobs we do and we wonder why that is the case. My observation is that we rush to be stars without building a sustainable foundation in the business first. 

You are a celebrity before you have even built any body of work that would sustain you when the fame around fades. We rely too much on other people to make us famous instead of letting our work propel us to that status. 

Everybody is a VIP in this town.

I have preached this over and over. GROW AT YOUR PACE. Just because Bonang comes from the same town as you and has the same qualifications (or lacks) does not mean you will achieve the same sucess at the same time she has. 

Often you only get to know about someone once they have made it big. You may not know the journey that they have had to go through to get to that stage. Believe you me, sometimes successful people will not divulge all the details of how they got to the top as some of it may not be as rosy (or legal) as you think. So, building your dream around someone may actually sabotage your chances to succeed.

I have a dream. Though at this stage I havent really achieved that dream, I am pleased with the rapport I have build to get to that dream. I know now that when the oppportunity comes, I will be well equiped with the knowledge and the experience to turn that dream into an even bigger achievement. 

Better yet, on practical terms I hope I will have amassed enough respect and wealth of knowledge to turn it into monetary wealth.

I am writting and sharing this moment with you as an encouragement to myself as well. At this moment it has been 4 years since I have been working on an idea for a show. I have had opportunities to sell or pitch it to some of the industry people I have met especially in the past 2 years, however I always just felt that it was not the right time for me to do it. 

I have been hard at work to build a body of work and some contacts. I wanted to build my name first before I can fully push on with this. It hasn't been easy. One looks around and see boys your own age driving around in flashy cars and living the wonderful life then you think maybe this dream and plan is just a waste of time. 

Plus it doesn't help much when you have a cousin who is a soccer star because everybody within the family looks at you like a failure especially when you have been pushing your dream for years.

At this hour, I say to myself that I am ready to take on the task of finally making this dream a reality. I spent last night writting proposals and connecting with the contacts that I have made over the past year or so. 

Suceed or fail, I will have to say that I am content with the fact that, I dreamed... worked hard at it ... and now I just surrender the dream to a higher power. I have done all I can and have tried to follow the right path in preparing myself for this moment, beyond this is all in the faith that investing in a good plan and self control will lead one to the finish line.

Through out this journey, I have shared every step with you guys, my online friends. You have been there through the good, the bad and the ugly. If I fail, I atleast hope that my open-ness and candour has atleast helped you to look beyond what your circumstances tell you you only capable of and just push for what you believe you can do. 

Whether I make it or not, I am grateful for the friends and mentors I have made in my life. It is an amzing feeling to have someone you don't even know believe in you in way that you probably never thought of yourself. I have experienced that and I know that I am very privileged to have had that at this time of indivudualism in our society.

So this is it my friends. I am taking the plunge into television. From the 5 people/companies I sent my proposal to last night, when I woke up this morning, 2 had already given some interest in the project. 

Of course this is not really a commitment and there is still a long way to go to finally get the show on the move but I am confident because one of the two is actually a company that was my first choice to work on this with. Hopefully, Phil the tv host/executive producer is born today.

Like I stated in my status, when I first started with the online presenting thing, a lot fof people said it was a waste of time. I was told I should just get an agent and go for auditions BUT I believed that there was future in the internet and how it connect to the entertainment industry. 

I know what happens behind the scenes with these auditions and it's not always easy to break into the business that way. They will hold auditions knowing very well that they have someone in mind so you will go to all these auditions, never get hired and you will start doubting your abilities. 

I believed that given a chance I could do this and the internet was a platform I needed to prove to myself that I can. It's amazing now, when I see all these TV people suddenly having online shows.

I would never take credit for that because people have been Vlogging on Youtube for years all over the world. It is kinda nice though to know that in few years I will look back and think, I was one of the first people in this country to use the internet to launch my career as a presenter.

I am Phil and I am a dreamer, for without dreams you might as well stop living.

  • Thanks to the Feather Awards, they gave me my first platform to do red carpet reporting on camera
  • Thanks to OwenKessel, they gave me my first professional presenting job
  • Thanks to Nonhle Thema, she was the first celeb I interviewed and she was the one who told me to pursue my dreams in being more than just a blogger. Love you girl.
  • Thanks to TVSA for giving me a "name" in this business
  • THANKS a mil, to all of you have taken the time to read an article or watch a video with my name on it. My sucess is your success. Nomatter how big I get, I will always be just a click away.
  • Thanks to my best friend and biggest fan. A friend who is convinced that I am star even when I don't think I am. Themba Hugo Radebe, you more than just a friend but a brother too. You believe in me and have been cheering me on since we met (can't believe it's been so many years, we getting old buddy) even when I wasn't even getting paid for my gigs. Love you my friend.

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