Keri Hilson's Twitter Faux Pas Over Amy Winehouse's Death

It seems our local celebs are not the only ones falling into hot water with their Tweets. What started out as a night on the town in NYC ended with Keri Hilson apologizing for an insensitive post on Twitter.

Poor Kerry in a moment of sheer fun the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer hit the tweets in the late hours of the night and callously sent out the following tweet referencing the death of British singer Amy Winehouse:

The pic that accompanied the tweet

Sadly Amy fans didn't find any humour in her tweet. It didn’t take long for fans to start lashing out at Keri’s insensitivity...

After Keri sobered up she was quick to try and remedy the situation with these apologetic tweets:

Sadly her “apologies” fell on deaf ears. Fans and media outlets alike have all blasted Keri for her ill-timed actions, prompting her to release another apology on Wednessday morning:

Another example of how just having fun on Twitter for celebs could be the spark that ignites the flames of "hatin". Keri’s “joke” about a life lost was way too soon and got lost in the somber mood of the situation BUT some of the backlash was just too hush in my opinion.

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