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I headed to Selby last night to check out the new Industry party. Nearly didn't even make it there as there was some confusion about what this Industry thing is all about.

Much of the confusion came from the fact that the Industry parties are held by the same people who did the V2 parties at Lemon8. I have previously mentioned that I was not a fan of Lemon8 so we were a bit apprehensive about going to Citrus Lounge. Eventually we ended up there and what a night it turned out to be.

The Good

From the moment I walked in, I was very impressed with the decor. I love that you don't walk into throws of eyes gawking at you as is the case with most places. Some people love to make an "entrance", some of us don't so with Citrus Lounge you walk and have to take stairs to the actual lounge. 

The transition between the dark colours of the entrance space and the bright white with a dash of red when you get upstairs is a fine visual experience. 

The setup is cosy and intimate without being imposing. A definite nod on that. Though a bit small but if they keep the crowd to a reasonable capacity then the space works.

I don't know if this will be the case for long but I loved the crowd that was there. For a change it was nice not to be around U-Gay (UJ) kittens or any other Joburg kittens for that matter. 

Most of the people there were your cleaned up chilled kinda guys. People were having fun, dancing and being jovial with each other. That was the highlight of my night. 

I found that there was a general sense of pleasantness, less bitchiness and less snootiness. Sadly this  might definitely not last as most of Joburg's pretentious gays were at a certain much publicised Bday party yesterday.

The not so Bad but still made me cringe...

Not all was great. There were some hiccups with the music... I dunno what the DJ was smoking but for some reason he could not get crowd-pleaser Beyonce's songs to play properly. Much to the annoyance of Bey fans. 

Then there was Oyama and his artist. Someone please sit Oyama down and tell him to chill. Brotha left a few of us shocked when he usurped some hip-hop guy's performance, I assume he is managing him.

Having Oyama on stage doing .... lawd knows what the heck he was doing... didn't help the guy's situation much because the crowd was not feeling him to begin with. Being a manager doesn't mean you have to be on stage with your artist. 

Instead of trying to steal the spotlight form his artist, Oyama should have been mingling with the crowd and making sure that they know the artist's name... should anybody want to go buy his CD.

Oyama aside, I know that Industry is still finding its footing and they probably can not afford to book someone like Lira but having a hip-hop artist was a mistake. 

That was a waste of money (if they paid him) because nobody could have cared less about his performance. Granted, I only got there around 10-11 so maybe the other artists gave a better performance but from what I saw, the night could have done without that hip-hop performance.

The could have been Ugly but I'll let slide...

Then there was the issue with cash cards. As with Lemon8, this has to be the most annoying thing about being at Citrus Lounge. I ended up having to buy Valpre Still Water for R20. I think that's ridiculous. 

It didn't help much that my friend lost one of the R100 cards so by the time I had to pay that much I was pissed off. The poor barman brought me sparkling instead of still and I lost it for a sec but (shame poor thing) he exchanged it with the brightest smile I hadn't seen in a while. 

All of the sudden he looked 10 times hotter. Nice touch on that, by the way. The barmen were the friendliest I have seen in a long time. They do not have to rely on tips so they could just easily be rude and dismissive but the boys at Citrus were calm and collected. I also loved that I didn't have to wait long to be served at the bar.

The Verdict

All in all, I would say Industry @ Citrus Lounge is the place to be if you just wanna be around chilled guys in a beautiful environment. The place is classy without being pretentious. 

I love that they don't have any designated area for "VIP". If this is part of Lemon8 then big up to them for the revamp. I was very impressed. 

I'm actually still babalased now so if this article doesn't articulate my impression of the place clearly, my apologies. In simple words, the experience was sublime and I would definitely attend another industry event again anytime.

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