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It seems the arrival of the much publicised Sibekos on the deep has failed to garner much needed ratings for SABC 3's wonderful soapie, Isidingo. SABC1 one suffers the same loss with their own much publicised ( and controversial) addition of Lunga Shabalala as the new presenter as Selimathunzi becomes the least watched magazine show in the nation with Passella beating it again for the bottom spot on the Top 5. Surprisingly, even with all the negative reviews, Generations has managed to gain more viewrs at the close of this week's ratings tally.

I was so shocked that Isidingo has continually failed to crack the Top 5 spot of the nation's ratings. I expected that the show would not make any major strides on the chart but it would atleast not become the least watched. 

I was personally worried that the producers were changing the show too much and making it too glamourous. My opinion has always been that, the thing that makes Isidingo is its uniqueness compared to ther soapies across the world. 

Now the show with its new title sequence looks like an ad for De Beers and don't get me started on the cheesy-ness of the whole title sequence. Anyway I still love the show and believe it's the best soapie in this country. 

Clearly Mzansi doesn't agree with me. Hopefully since the Sibekos only settled in June, the ratings will show a different picture in a month's time.

Not surprising is the failure of Selimathunzi to make the list. The show continues to be hemourrhaged in the ratings since their timeslot change and the controversy sorrounding the appointment of Lunga Shabalala as the new presenter. 

Once one of the most talked about and watched shows in this country, the show now barely manages to attract a million viewers each week. 

Pasella, an Afrikaans show that is shown during the week has more viewers than Seli? Shocking!! The Saturday spot still proves to be popular with viewers as Real Goboza is enjoying a good ride at the top.

Live also continues to suffer the same fate as Selimathunzi. While Seli can atleast blame the ratings on the change in timeslot, one wonders what the excuse for LIVE will be. 

The show has failed to make the Top 5 for weeks now in 2011. This year it has never seen the number one spot on the top 5 magazine shows. Whereas Club 808 is fairing very well against big guns like Real Goboza and Top Billing.

The big surprise is that, though most of you complain about Generations, the show continues do very well. So well infact that in the last week of May-June the show actually attarcted over 10 000 more viewers than the previous week. 

Good news  for the writers because this will make them feel vindicated but bad news for the industry as we all know that the show has really lost its quality storytelling and acting talent.

This is a summary of how the show performed for the entire month of May to first week of June. With the soapies a lot can change in a week so I will only know in 3 weeks time how Isidingo is doing when we get the ratings for the June month. The ratings are only released to me on a monthly basis.

Note that because we do not have a lot of shows the shows are grouped in the Best of 5 

Rating for May Top 5 for the above mentions show are as follows:


  • Week 1-5 (2 May - 5 June): The show failed to make the cut


  • Week 1-5 (2 May - 5 June) : The SHow failed to make the cut


  • Week 1 (2-8 May): No.1 with 6 709 000 viewers
  • Week 2 (9-15 May): No.1 with 6 580 000
  • Week 3 (16 - 22 May): No.1 with 6 614 000
  • Week 4 (23 - 29 May): No.1 with 6 782 000
  • Week 5 (30 May - 5 June): No.1 with 6 776 000

Club 808

  • Week 1 (2 - 8May):  No.3 with 1 456 000
  • Week 2 ( 9 -15May):  No.3 with 1 148 000
  • Week 3 (16 - 22 May):  No.3 with 1 400 000
  • Week 4 (23 - 29 May):  No. 2 with 1 764 000
  • Week 5 (30 May - 5 June):  No.5 with 1 316 000 


  • Week 1 -5: The show failed to make the cut

Well those are the numbers. Clearly we can complain all we want but entertainment is business and if the numbers do not reflect your concerns then the powers that be would not change anything. On the other hand the numbers do reflect that, in some cases your disapproval has affected the ratings and maybe that will prompt the producers and channels to make changes in future.

So in case you were wondering who made the cut in the above shows' respective categories here is the least on the Top 5 in the last week of May and beginning of June:

Top Magazine Shows

1) The Real Goboza (SABC1) 2 688 000
2) Mzansi Insider (SABC1) 1 568 000
3) Pasella (SABC2) 1 484 000
4) Showbiz Report ( 1 400 000
5) Club 808 ( 1 316 000

Top Soap Operas

1) Generations (SABC1) 6 776 000
2) Muvhango (SABC2) 3 199 000
3) The Bold And The Beautiful (SABC1) 3 041 000
4) Rhythm City ( 2 996 000
5) 7de Laan (SABC2) 2 526 000

Top 10 Regular Shows (excluding News bulletins)

1) Generations (SABC1) 6 776 000
2) Zone 14 (SABC1) 5 194 000
3) Intsika (SABC1) 5 152 000
4) Society (SABC1) 4 088 000
5) Gauteng Maboneng (SABC1) 4 004 000
6) Freshlyground: A Journey (SABC1) 3 332 000
7) Class Act South Africa (SABC1) 3 304 000
8) Muvhango (SABC2) 3 199 000
9) Everybody Hates Chris (SABC1) 3 108 000
10) Noah's Ark (SABC1) 3 080 000

Full list of other shows on my fan page: Phil Blaqueboi Mphela

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