Rhythm City Finally Answer My Question About Thula's Gayness

I have said this before and I'll say it again; Etv really knows how to handle their brand. One of the ways I have been impressed with is how they are always ready to answer a question whether it makes them look good or not. 

In this business, no comment carries more weight than just addressing the matter and moving. Sometimes, you can actually score big points by clarifying matters instead of just ignoring queries from the media and fans.

In reponse to Has Rhythm City Found A Cure For Being Gay, Rhythm City had this to say:
Hi Phill!
Thula was a rent-boy when he shared his kiss with Stone years ago. He later admitted that he was attracted to both men and women (which of course makes him bisexual). So at the moment, I guess it's safe to say that girls Thula prefers girls at the moment. As for Stone, he's still as gay as he was before. His relationships just haven't been at play in the storylines.
Also, Wright and Zenzo (the actors that play Thula and Stone) have never had a problem playing gay roles on the show. They have never made diva tantrums. We have very pleasant actors. :)
I guess it's all about timing and where the characters are in the story arc. I'm sure that the stories will be rehashed when the right time comes. That being said, thank you for making this observation and for watching.

RC Story Team

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to Percy for clearifying things.

The SA Tv industry has been rather scared to really explore the whole gay/bi issue. What I love about Rhythm City was the way the two characters Stone and Thula are portrayed. They have eliminated the stereotype of gay being 'feminine' and I love this angle. Society needs to understand that not every gay/bi man is feminine and a normal guy who happens to love beer, play soccer, rugby etc can also be gay.
I wish RC grows these two characters especially Thula as it would educate people about homosexuality/bisexuality.

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