SABC 2's Mo'nique Show Cancelled

As of Wednessday, Mo'Nique's highly rated talk show , The Monique Show, just got the AXE. At the moment SABC 2 is running the show on its listing and has received some good AR numbers.

Word is; It's not entirely CLEAR, but a producer from the show claimed that it wasn't ratings that caused Mo's show to get canceled. Further stating that there were "personality conflicts" between Mo and some of the higher ups at BET which is the channel in the US that officially carries the show.

What does this mean for South Africa, though? I posed my concerns about our local channels, especially on welfare tv,  having become the dumping ground for American reject shows. I will reiterate those concerns because in the long run it will hurt our industry. Thus far channels are buying more and more of these shows while local content shows are put in the back banner. What about our own producers and production companies? Soon they will have no career opportunities at all as the few shows that will be commissioned will come from big production companies thus closing the door on young up and coming talent that is not affiliated with the big boys. 

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