Rockin' The Red Carpet In A Sello Medupe Creation

I bought a suit from one of South Africa best kept young talent secret (in my opinion) for the Durban July but I never got to wear it as I ended up giving DBN July a miss. This weekend though I was at You Spectacular Awards interviewing South Africa's biggest stars so I figured I would show off Scalo creation on the red carpet instead.

At home about to leave for Emperor's Palace. My friend, Hugo, playing cameraman :)

I have made it a mission for myself to only wear local brands at big celebrity events. I was introduced to Sello through another young designer friend of mine and I was in awe of this young man's talent.

Swag: This is simpler version of the look I was gonna go with for the DBN July, the shirt would have been different. 

Shirt by Xogo: Thanks to my stylist Peter

My article about the fashion industry, Beyond Fashion Week, was actually inspired by my observation of how talent Sello is and very few people beyond the Joburg Fashion Week would get to see the amazing clothes he made for the event.

I am happy now that I see magazines like Move are profiling him and Sonia Booth seems to be loving his work like I do. On the red carpet people like DFC owner Ayanda Mbuli, Liesl Van Der Westhuizen and others complemented my look thus validating my believe that Scalo is going places.

Sello Medupe

Thank you Sello for making me look awesome. I am very proud of you. Now I want a discount. :)

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