So Much For The Sanctity Of Marriage

Since the news of Jlo and Marc Anthony splitting up broke, I have been trying very hard to avoid entertaining the subject though I have some really strong views on the whole situation. But ....

Upon hearing about Jlo's impending divorce I was quick to think to myself “so much for the sanctity of marriage”. Let's be honest, the way these celebrities marry and divorce just after weeks or as Britney famously did with her 55 hour Vegas nuptial, makes the whole concept of marriage being this holy thing a joke.

Yet some of world and community leaders want the world population to believe that by denying others the right to enjoy the liberties that marriage affords citizens they are protecting the future of this institution thus protecting the future of the human race. It's unfathomable to me that governments (especially within our continent) would rather deny 2 men who love each other a chance to legalise their relationship and yet countries like Namibia are quick to surrender their entire national resources to celebs like Brangelina.

So why should it concern you that celebrities choose to marry and divorce willy nilly?  

This is why:

Atleast the gay community have found a humorous but poignant way to respond:

So where are the religious hypocites who claim to fight for the protection of marriage when celebs treat it like a sport?

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