South African Dancer Angelo Collins Lies About Beyonce Video

Angelo Collins, a local dancer and choreographer has been caught in a lie when he said that he had been the main contact in Beyonce’s new music video.

Beyonce’s choreographer has come out and said that he and the two Mozambicans in the video had in fact choreographed the dance and not Collins.

Clearly when Collins told SABC 1's RGB this he forgot that we now live in a world where claims can be verified by just a click of a button.

News of the Mozambican influence in the video has been on the net long before Beyonce even released her video.

Just to refresh some of your memories watch the video below:

The only South African who can claim any direct connection to "Run The World" is DJ Cleo. Atleast its his song in the youtube video that Tofu Tofu is dancing to which Beyonce saw and liked the dance moves in.

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