Step Up Or Step Out... Yawn

Quick thought: I have been watching Step Up or Step Out for a couple of episodes now and the atrocity that I have seen in the show have compelled me to write something.

To say the show is a yawn would be an understatement. Sad really because some of the contestants are really talented. Unfortunately the rhythm of the show pales in comparison to shows such as the US's America's Best Dance Crew and our very own version of So You Think You Can Dance.

Whats Wrong With The Show

Too much. Firstly... for a dance show, Step Up or Step Out, is such a yawn!! The producers of this show should have definitely stepped up their game or stepped out of the idea of putting this train-wreck on air. The dance culture is about energy yet this show withers on in its dismal production. The music is lame and doesn't really make one wanna join in on the dance as you watching.

The Judges are a total disappointment. As soon as the dance performance stop you can literally feel the energy that the contestants bring on stage fade with Arthur not knowing exactly how to construct a sentence and don't get me started on Penelope. It's clear that Arthur and Penny are trying to pin themselves against each other but their feeble attempts at taking each other on fails to pique one's attention.

Arthur, Penny, Emile
Penny, according to the info I got, is an NSA student from Alex who for some absurd reason has decided to take on some weird accent that makes it very difficult to hear her when she speaks. What's with the accent vele? I mean you can't quiet place it. One minute it's English, then a bit of American with some twang thrown in there as well. Sweetie if you gonna adopt an accent, make up your mind and pick one then ARTICULATE when you speak.

Then there is the whole vibe in studio. I know it's hard to get studio audiences in SA but couldn't the producers atleast try and make the setup a little less morbid. Hell, go to universities and bus in people if you have to. The muted response from probably 20 people that you have in studio kills the mood. 

Much of the excitement from So You Think You Can Dance came from the electrifying vibe that came from the studio audience each week. I bet most of the performances on the show were enhanced by the cheers and jeers from the audience.

What's right With The Show?

Very little. If this was supposed to be ETV's big draw card show then they have failed to hit the mark. Thus far Club 808 makes for a good light hearted show than this bore. I will give them props for giving these youngsters a chance to showcase their talents though.

Stunners!! The only entertaining thing about the show
Important to note that The Stunners are a marvel to watch. Pity some of the themes of the dances are just lame for them to showcase their talent. Still, the boys have Step'd It Up with some rather creative moves. I like them better when they do their own thing because they really are entertaining. I had the pleasure of watching them at SABC 2's Dorp to Dorp roadshow. 

Forget about Chris Brown and his crew, these boys can put him and Beyonce's pantsula dance to shame. They'll make you wish you could shake what your mama gave you. That's what we ought to be showcasing if we gonna do SA dance shows. We should not try and emulate the Americans but bring our own flavour in to the dance world. 

The world is looking to us to Step Up and show what we got and as our history in dance will prove we are the most rhythmic continent in this world. We inspire most popular dance moves hence the big stars are looking to us to find innovative dance moves. We RUN THIS WORLD so we ought to reflect that. 

My opinion, of course.


I have yet to be wowed by the show. I have have been more entertained watching America's Funniest Animals than I have watching this show. A complete rethink on the concept and the production needs to happen if the channel is planning to have a second season. Some advice, get rid of the judges. They are killing the show. They have no personalities whatsoever for a show like this. Get some energetic individuals who will give the guys some challenge. Hell, even Dance Your Butt Off is more entertaining than this show because of its sassy judges.

Please watch America's Next Dance Crew and see how exciting it is. The energy from the audience, to the judges and the performances. Whether you can dance or not, you are left mesmerised by what those dancers can do.   

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