Too Soon To Be Repeating Intersexions

So Intersexions is back on SABC 1. I loved the show but I am concerned that it might be too soon to be repeating the season, on Primetime nogal.

If there is one thing we know how to do well in this industry, is to kill something good. Intersexions was, in my opinion, the best show we have had on our screens since Yizo Yizo Season 1 -- you know what happened with it after they ran it for longer than it needed to be. 

Anyway, now SABC 1 is repeating Intersexions and I am not happy because I believe this move will kill the magic that the show created by its innovative story telling.
Shoki Mmola

Once upon the time in a not so distant past there was a brilliant show on SABC 1 called Shakespeare In Mzansi. The show, based on Shakespeare's famous tales, was an absolute marvel to watch. The casting was brilliant and the production quality was of international standards. 

My favorite of the series was the Death Of A Queen which featured actors like Shoki and Putla. Wow, I was blown away by the amount of talent we have in  this country and how these young relatively unknown actors immersed themselves in those roles.
Putla Setlhapelo

Of course once the series ended the channel repeated it again. Lo and behold, the sentiments that I had for the show diminished as I was still in that euphoria of how brilliant the show was. Seeing it the second time so soon killed it for me. 

I still think they did a good job but the annoyance of being bombarded with repeats on the channel played into my disdain for the show. All of the sudden I started seeing flaws in the show that I didn't see before. Now I wouldn't even buy it if it were on DVD.

Will Intersexions suffer the same fate? Will we ever get to a point where some of us who love collecting dvds of our favourite shows can actually go out and buy local shows if we keep seeing them being repeated on SABC? 

Many of the international stars make a bulk of their money on syndication and revenue from DVD sales. We can do that for our own stars. Shows like Intersexions were loved by our people and many of us could have easily paid R400 to buy a dvd of show. 

Now why would I bother when I know that SABC is gonna repeat the show until I get to a point where I actually hate it?

The SABC needs to clean up its act seriously. I know this is becoming a broken record but damn. If they are not running shows forever when they have clearly passed their sell-by date, they keep repeating them. Why is Jika-Majika still on air? 

It was fun when it started because it was fresh but now it's just a total bore. They should just give it a break if they don't wanna can it and bring it back with a fresher approach. 

It took them forever to get that Jam Alley was just a dead horse, thank goodness they eventually saw the light and revamped the format and the show. Now it's tolerable.

Anyway, Intersexions is back. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Phil,while we are on this topic i wish to vent on the amateurish nature of the SABC.I've had to cross many rivers and seas to get a copies of all 3 seasons of Yizo Yizo on DVD. I am living overseas and it would have been less stressful if someone introduces the wonder of such outfits called Amazon to the guys at SABC.I hope i will not have to cross similar rivers to get DVDs of Intersexion when they get tired of the repeats and decide to get it out on DVDs.

PhilMphela said...

I feel you. Its comments like yours that will push for a change and hopefully the SABC will get off their high horse and listen to the people they are mandated to serve.

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