Tracking Beyonce "4": The Albumn Hit no.1 With Weak Numbers

The numbers are in and as expected Bey's latest albumn hit the all important Billboard 200's number 1 spot in its first week of official release. Unfortunately the albumn only managed to hit that spot with the lowest numbers of her entire solo career. Coupled with the fact that the albumn is yet to produce a hit single, the industry has billed the albumn as flop.

You may wonder why a no.1 albumn is considered a flop. Well, given that Bey's previous albumns,

  • 2008's "I Am ... Sasha Fierce" entered with 482,000;
  •  2006's "B'Day" bowed with 541,000 and 
  • 2003's "Dangerously In Love" started with 317,000, 
This is definitely not what was expected of someone of Bey's record breaking calibre. This albumn only managed to sell 310 000 copies.

Bey fans shouldn't despair though as Mrs Carter has proven time and time again that she is the Queen of publicity. By the time she is finished pushing the albumn with videos, endorsements and tours this can very easily be her biggest selling albumn ever.

Yes an albumn is mainly judged by the reponse it gets when it hits the stands on its first week-month but lets not forget that people do not stop buying music after that period.

Just this week songs from her previous albumns hit the charts again as fans bought them after her performance at the Glanstonbury Festival as I indicated in a previous post.

It's also important to point out that, "4's" entry is still big for 2011. It marks the third-largest sales week of the year, behind Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" (1.1 million) and Adele's "21" (351,000).

Quick question though: Would you still buy the albumn even though the tracks have been available for free download for weeks now?

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