Tracking Beyonce's New Albumn, 4

The numbers are in and it looks like Beyonce's new albumn is doing quiet well despite the controversies that ensued prior to its official release. In the wake of her headlining appearance at the Glastonbury Festival June 26a. "4" has sold 89,000 units to become her second No. 1 album in the UK, as "Best Thing I Never Had" debuted at No. 3 in the singles list, one of six tracks for her in the Top 75. The bestselling single, for the second week, is Jason Derulo's "Don't Wanna Go Home" and Bey has managed to kick Adele's "21" off the top spot.

Beyoncé previously topped the U.K. album chart with her solo debut albumn "Dangerously In Love" in 2003, but fell short with "B'Day" (only peaking at No. 3 in 2006), and "I Am...Sasha Fierce" went to No. 2 spot in 2009. 

The latter title moved back into the top 40 yesterday for the first time since May 2010, climbing from the 127 spot to 38. "B'Day" also made a surprising reappearance outside the widely-published top 75 at No. 94.

On the singles Top 75, "Run The World (Girls)" climbed from 39 to 23, "Irreplaceable" re-entered at No. 33, "Halo" at No. 60 and "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" at No. 72. My favourite track on the albumn "End of Time" debuted at No. 62. I still maintain that it should have been "4"' lead single.

The much awaited tally of her first week on the Billboard Top 200 is not out yet but as I indicated in the first article about tracking "4", industry insiders are anticipating a No.1 triumph for the diva. Though the exact number with which Bey will hit that spot is estimated to be less than that of "I Am Sacha...". 

I am no nexpect but I am personally starting to think "I Am Sacha..." will be Beyonce's "Thriller". Remember how Michael Jackson spent his entire career chaisng the success of his mega hit record breaking albumn, "Thriller"? 

In the end the king of pop never did reach that glorious feet but continued to make great music. My opinion is that Bey might be facing the same fate. "I Am Sacha..." was just too good of an albumn.

However, as current results have proven, Bey can still surprise us. Many thought "4" would not sell as much as it has right now. It's also worth noting that even if Bey doesn't sell as much as Lady Gaga or Adele have with their current offerings, for an albumn that was already on the net way before its official release to sell more than close to 100 000 in its first week in the UK ane be number 1 in over10 countries, that's an achievement on its own that most artists can only dream of.

More on how the albumn is doing as I continue to track its journey to the top of Billborad 200.

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