Tracking Beyonce's New Albumn, 4

Will Queen Bey's albumn see the number 1 spot when it debuts on Billboard 200 chart next week?

So not much excitement over the official release of "4" since the entire album was leaked weeks ago. Mrs Carter's latest studio offering has been keeping me busy.

I have laughed, loved and loathed with 4. So to celebrate the release I thought I'd track how the albumn is doing in its first week because I am already seeing die-hard Bey fans lying on Facebook saying that the albumn is number 1 in the world.

Beeeech pleeez, we love Bey but World Charts do not list an albumn on the day of its release so its impossible for her to be No.1 in the world when her albumn is not listed yet.

The is a huge likelihood that Bey will reach No.1 on the most important chart in the world, Billboard chart. We'll find our how she fares next week when she debuts on the Billboard 200 chart.

This is a very important week for Bey as sales from this week will determine whether this is a hit or not. Mind you, many in the business do not believe that she will hit the same numbers she did with I Am Sacha Fierce but she will still hit number 1.

The estimated number at this point is 300 000 copies. A far cry from 482 000 that she ranked in with I Am Sacha and the 541 000 first week sales of B'day. 300 000 would not be bad but it will be seen as a bit of a failure for the superstar who commands big numbers by her fierce fan base.

The road to number 1 will not be easy for the album. The start was a rocky and not promising one. Mistakes were made, paramount of which was the making of Run The World as the lead single. The song was a total flop in terms of the standards that Bey has set.

The song peaked at 29 and is yet to see number 1 on the Billboard chats. Which is why I was so baffled to see that they included 2 more remixes of the track in the Delux version of the album. Bey clearly loves this track and fails to see what a train-wreck of a song it is.

"End Of Time" could have definitely given her the No. 1 spot and should have been a lead single for this albumn. Other tracks like "Countdown" and "I Am Here" could have just as easily have given her the boost she needed for her first single off of a successful albumn with I Am ... which spun 2 huge singles in"If I Were A Boy" as the lead single and a follow up with "Single Ladies" and subsequent cuts.

"Schoolin' Life" on the Delux album will definitely be another fan pleaser. Apparanetly fans have been complaining that the album is too 'ballady". Personally, I love Bey when she does ballads.

Halo, Flaws and All, Hello, If I Were A Boy, to name but a few are one of those songs that will remain relevant for decades to come thanks to their "ballady" nature.

Do you honestly see anybody jamming to Single Ladies in 2 years time anymore? But put on "You had me at Hello, Hello, Hello" and I bet you will still get yourself laid. Sadly, none of the tracks in the albumn and Delux look set to be a across-over hit.

The albumn definitely needs a song that would do well on Pop, R&B and/or Hip-Hop charts to attact the attention of a wider range of support.

"4," happens to be Beyonce's first album that didn't see its lead single reach the Hot 100's top 10. In the past "Dangerously In Love" debut launched with "Crazy In Love" which stayed at No. 1 for 8 weeks while "B'Day's" first single,"Deja Vu" peaked at number 4.

This week Bey will be competing with big albums that hit retailers on Tuesday, June 28. One of which was Selena Gomez and the Scene's "When the Sun Goes Down.". The Disney machine is very powerful and Bey fans will have major competition if they want Bey to beat Selena.

The tween market has reshaped the music industry making stars like Justin Bieber household name. These kids are ranking more cash than their more mature counterparts so Bey should be weary. All she can bet on is that Bieber female fans will snub Selena for being Justin Bieber's latest squeeze.

The poor girl has been reported to being starked and harassed with death threads so maybe some will be less crazy and just NOT buy her album and that will mean Bey will have a free pass to No.2.

Only time will tell. Come Sunday July 3, the fate of Beyonce's latest offering, "4" will be known.

My Fav tracks on the albumn

- I Was Here (Powerful ballad)

- Countdown (can't wait to get a remix out of this track)

- End of Time

- I Care

- Schoolin' Life ( The only track that makes the Delux version worth looking into)

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