Wendy Williams Replaces Oprah on SABC 3

Now that the Queen of talk has bid us farewell, SABC 3 has decided to another popular American talk show on its listing. Word is, The Wendy Williams Show is coming to SABC 3 in September.

The show is set to make its debut on the channel on Monday September 26. The show has proven to be hit with black audiences in the States and may have had something to do with the canning of The Tyra Banks show as viewers ditched Tyra for Wendy. Of course Wendy is now Oprah but can be entertaining is you are into mindless trash talk about American celebrities.

Those with Top Tv will know that the talkshow has been running on TopTV190 and is currently in its second season there, weekdays at 12h00. SABC 3, however, will only be running 2 episode per week at 22h00. I guess SABC is set on filling it's listing with American shows this year. Instead of pushing for more local content it seems we will have to do with old seasons of American shows and have to deal with hosts talking about things that are old news since these days you can get instant global news online. 

So, brace yourself to watch Wendy talking about Chris Brown hitting Rihanna and old news about American NFL players we know nothing about. Sigh!!! Why can't we put money into producing our own shows? So now we have the same American shows on DSTV, TopTv, Etv and SABC. If we not doing that we copying content and concepts. Worse with SABC because they tend to buy old seasons of the shows. What kind of message are we sending to the world?

Surely there are some talented production companies in this countries who can come up with original concepts. 

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