Phelo Bala Needs To Clean Up His Act

Prodigiously talented younger brother of the famous Bala Brothers, Phelo Bala's star is on the rise and Mzansi is taking note. With the release of his critically acclaimed debut albumn this young lad is set to become a household name, provided his antics do not get in the way.

I first met Phelo at a popular hangout spot in Melville through a mutual friend and was taken by the boy's vibrant personality. Little did I know that vibrancy goes beyond just a juvenile exorbitance. 

My second encounter with him at the Class Act Season 2 launch party at The Bank, Rosebank, left a lot to be desired.  To say alcohol and Phelo do not mix is an understatement as the boy left guests at the party shocked by his erratic behaviour. 

After my initial shock I found myself filled with concern. At some point I found him on the floor in the bathroom and I immediately alerted his friend, producer Denis, to atleast take him to the car.

What puzzled me about the incident was why his friends would agree to come to a high profile event like that with him so inebriated. I certainly would expect his friends to protect him and not let him be exposed like that. 

Then again we all have different perspective on what friendship means. Anyway after that, I kept hearing stories about his other unflattering behaviour but knowing that sometimes things can be blown out of proportion, I ignored them.

This week I found myself in conversation with some industry friends about new talent and Phelo's name came up. The conversation, though initially about the his amazing talent and beautiful new albumn, soon turned to his behaviour again. 

Now, these were not just some blubber mouths who find fault in everybody, they were some well respected industry professionals. One of them told of a recent incident where Bala was so "out of it" that he made some rather unsettling comments and advances on a famous socialite.

Seeing that the above information was second hand and I hadn't seen or heard it myself, I chose to remember the times that I have witnessed such erratic behaviour from the singer and wondered why isn't anybody saying anything to him. The 20 year old is still young and relatively new at this business. 

Yes, he may have started singing with his brothers at 15 but he probably was always under their protection . Now he is an adult and will have to be accountable for his actions in public.

Presently, the media is touting him to be the next big thing and is ignoring this other side. However we all know that that will not last forever. As soon as they have made him the star he is destined to be, the very same people who are singing his praises will cut him to shreds. 

Phelo needs to clean up his act quickly before this situation overshadows his talent. Someone asked why Zwai and Loyiso aren't stepping in to help him with his image but I think Phelo is an adult now and the brothers can only do or say as much as they can. 

In the end its Phelo who ought to take responsibility over what image he wants to project to the world and how that will affect his career.

 Eminem "If I Had" sang;
What are friends?

Friends are people that you think are your friends
But they're really your enemies, with secret indentities
and disguises, to hide they're true colors
So just when you think you're close enough to be brothers
they wanna come back and cut your throat when you ain't lookin
The first step for Phelo is to look at the people he surrounds himself with. Any friend that allows you to be in position where you could ruin your career is a kinda friend you need to be weary of. 

True friends, like family, are there to have your back when your guard is down. We all have moments where we have too much fun, yet we live in the comfort that at least our friends will be there to say, "Friend, do not that" or "... that's enough now".

It would be sad to see someone who makes such beautiful music get entangled in a web of self destructive  nonsense. We like seeing a star rise but we love it more when that star falls from the pedestal we set for him. 

Sometimes though, we ought to caution a blossoming talent when we see unsightly blemishes on the canvas. That for me, is what appreciating true talent should be about. 

Let's not only celebrate people when they do good thing and rebuke them when they fall from grace whilst we sat by and watched them take that path to destruction right in front of our eyes.

Situations like the Lundi saga, should not have happened because the young Lundi surely had people around him who knew better. For us to look back now and say, why didn't anybody do or say something, is futile and pretty much counter productive. 

Address the problem while it is still 'festing'. If anything, atleast when the said person ignores all counsel and advice you would know that you tried to help and prevent them to go that route and they ignored you so they should face the consequences.

I am not Phelo's friend and have probably only uttered less than 50 words to him in the occasion that I have met him so it is not my place to say this to him in person. 

This is my platform to share my views and hopefully he will read this and think about what I have pointed out. If not, hopefully one of his true friends will caution him.

Note: If you haven't heard Phelo's new albumn, do yourself a favour and get it. The critics were not exaggerating  the music is sublime.

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