Celebs Without The Glam Squad

Celebrities like Oprah always look good, right? Wrong. It literally takes a village to make some of the world's beautiful people to look picture perfect on our screens. Photoshop has been a Godsend for the magazine cover celebs.

Some people have gone to bizarre lengths to look like stars. Before you waste your money and go have some plastic surgery to look like Beyonce, know that Beyonce doesn't always look like BEYONCE. There is a team of professional behind the scenes who help her look flawless in front of the camera.

Here are some moments in celebs' lives when they do not have the glam team to make the look good.

Naomi Campbell


Catherine Zeta Jones

Jude Law

Katie Holmes

 Tjo, Madonna looks like a crack addict in this pic.

Kim K

 Bey doesn't look all that bad but still, she doesn't look like the flawless beauty we see on screen and mags. Without makeup and hair touch-ups she just looks plain. Nothing special.

Kate Moss
 She has been dubbed over the years as the world's most beautiful English girl. Many girls have followed her fashion trends but from this pic Kate looks like any regular heavy smoking white girl

Lisa Kudrow

Penelope Cruz


Even Jlo has a bad hair day once in a while. Without those extension and makeup she just looks like a plain Jennie from the block

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winigal said...

wooooo madonna, okare she was smoking whoonga or nyaope ko hilbrow,

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