A Chat With Gugu Zuma

On Wednessday I had the pleasure of sitting down with South Africa's famous first daughter, Gugu Zuma at the plush Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosebank.

When Zoopy content Producer confirmed that I will be interviewing Gugu Zuma I was so excited. Not only because Gugu is our president and Home Affairs Minister's daughter but because over the past two years I have been itching to have a conversation with her. Of course when she famously bailed from Isidingo and her subsequent got a gig as a producer and star of a new show on Mzansi Magic, I knew I had to meet her very soon.

I got to the plaza 10 minutes late and Gugu was already there. I was immediately taken aback by her soft demeanor. With all the hoohah surrounding her as our president's daughter she a girl who could just easily pass off as any other girl you's meet in Cresta. Naturally, I had some preconceived notion that as a Zuma she would have bodyguards and be all fussy about this and that. Instead I met a  girl who seemed so shy and warm.

Gugu does not even have an entourage as you would expect someone in her position be. She was not all blinged up and she is the kinda girl who felt comfortable to tell me, even though I was gonna interview her, some of the most intimate details about herself.

Through our off camera conversation I learned to appreciate the qualities that makes Gugu a star. Yes she is an off-spring of famous politicians and has lived a life of privilege but she is a simple girl.

I have known people in this industry who do an advert and all of the sudden they change the way they speak and think they are suddenly better than everybody. With Gugu, a seasoned actress and now producer, what you see is what you get.

I don't need to buy her face because whether I say she is nice or not she will still be Gugu Zuma and I will still have my job. I was genuinely impressed by her candor and impeccable humility. A lot of young black women especially those in a position of influence can learn a lot from her.

Phil Mphela & Gugu Zuma

Catch my interview with Gugu on Zoopy.com

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