Dance Your Butt Off: Season 2 Review

First season was a killer!! Second season still delivers the goods. It's very rare to have a show be able to maintain the same amount of excitement and energy for two season in this country ...

SABC 1's dance show has set itself apart from the rest of the dance shows we've had thus far by being unique and sticking to its uniqueness. Ok, the concept is not really that original since this is a copy of an American show, nonetheless the production value of the Second season has not been a let down which is a feet most local shows can only dream of.

This year the show has to make due with the absence of DJ Sbu, not that he would be missed anyway, and a new guest judge is introduced every week. I like the new concept as it brings some freshness to each episode. Kele is still doing a good job as the presenter, provided she doesn't go and say silly stuff to the newspapers again about weight issues.


Somizi was clearly the draw card for the show in its first season and though he was great at being the sassy judge, I think we should not have praised him for his good job because now he thinks the show is all about him. It's one thing to stand out as a judge but when your antics overshadow the contestants then something is not right.

Somizi has unfortunately taken his flamboyance a bit too far as now he is using the show to punt his 'materialistic tendencies'. Yes we know that Somz is rich and can afford to buy expensive outfits and accessories but do we really need to know about which label he is wearing when he should be judging the performance of the contestants. This week I watched in horror when Somgaga made it a point that he mentions that he is wearing a David Tlale glittery (monstrosity) outfit and his "Cavalli" shades. Seriously.

If you have it, flaunt it but guess what... this is not about the judges but those contestants. Now with the absence of Dj Sbu he is waaaaaaaaaaay overpowering Khabo let alone the guest judges. The whole thing overthrows the balance within the judging panel. So, much as I love Somizi's fun and off the cuff  comments, I have to point out that he needs to tone it down a notch. He is the star of the show because I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much if he wasn't part of it but at the same time he is killing the show by taking too much attention away from what the show is about.

That said....

I am loving the second season of the show just as much as I loved the first season. Bigup Urban Brew.

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