Has Mika Stefano Become Persona Non Grata?

There is a rumour doing the rounds that celebrity blogger Mika might have stepped on too many celebs' Choos and has now being exiled from celeb-ville.

It's a fickle industry we in and much of it is about the relationships you develop within it if you are to survive. What started out as a simple Sunday lunch conversation about Mzansi's entertainment industry with some friends turned into a real eye opener for me. Not that I wasn't already clued up on the ins and outs of this business but I think in a way I was still naive.  Part of the conversation focused on Mika's sudden fall from grace...

Apparently the fab one has pissed of some celebs by using them as his ladder to stardom. I was even referred to some comments on the net that suggest that Mika's using his new found fame to score some action in the sack. Yo go boy!! If anybody will sleep with you just because you famous, then that's not your problem. Straight guys use their fame to get sex all the time so if people are giving you the cold shoulder for that then they are hypocrites.

One publicist told me;
"Mika has become irrelevant like Khanyi Mbau so why would I bother inviting him to an event. We are a youth brand and we have realised that most of our fans don't even know who Mika is. Even my 17 year old sister didn't even know who he is when I read your email and asked her."
In my opinion, Mika's decline in popularity was inevitable. See, you can not be a gossip-writer and be friends with the people you have to write about. It never works. Even the most famous gossip blogger in the world, Perez Hilton, could not sustain his fierce-tell-it-like-it-is gossip dish when he suddenly became close to the celebs. Now Perez has turned into just any other entertainment reporter. Gone are the days of him lashing it out at celebs like Kim Kardashian because now he needs them to keep him relevant and in the celeb circles.

The same could be said about Mika. The minute he wanted to be a celebrity he lost his cred. Though he referred to himself as "the Gossip Gangster" all he ever did was just write about parties and the people that were there. He hardly ever gave any breaking news on anything or give some opinion independent of what other media sources already state. So, by all account Mika was no longer (if he ever was) a gossip blogger and should have left the label alone. You gotta pick a side and stick to it or you will loose credibility.

I should know hence i have always made it clear that I am not a gossip blogger, just an entertainment commentator!! The other thing was learning that befriending celebs can cost you. I credit Nonhle for encouraging me to start my presenting career by telling me I can do anything in this industry because she thought I had something special. Naturally we became close and then the whole drama around her started. From the word go, I was torn. Here is a woman who believed in me and has become a friend; now do I give my readers what they want or do I try and protect a friend? In the end I ended up doing neither. I just stopped writting anything about Nonhle (good or bad) and it killed me. Instead my opinion about her twitter scandals were shared over an sms between her and I.

I learnt from that, that if I am gonna continue to write honestly about this industry, I can not have celebrity friends. Though I do not write about gossip but my criticism will rub certain people the wrong way and I would love to be able to be authentic in my views without having to worry about hurting a friend. Of course it's inevitable that if you meet people over and over you sort of develop some friendship but I never wanna take it beyond that environment. It would appear that Mika wasn't able to do that and it's coming back to bite him.

The lesson here is that if you gonna do something then be authentic. If you wanna be a gossip blogger then be that and if you wanna be a celebrity blogger then be that. Do not call yourself a gossip blogger and as soon as it gets hot you then back down because you can't handle the heat. People like Kuli Roberts and Debra Patta (love or hate them) have earned respect because they are authentic hence they will be around for years even though the piss people off.

Whether Mika has lost popularity because he betrayed people as the rumours go or he doesn't really know where he stands, there is no denying that he has left an indelible mark in Joburg celeb's scene. Will the industry miss him? probably not but he will continue to be part of the conversation for as long as his name is still associated with being the most famous blogger we've had in this country.

I noticed that Mika's website has been suspended and he hasn't posted anything on his blog since June and even before that his posts were infrequent. Whatever he is going through, hopefully he can bounce back. On a positive note, I heard that Mika will be the "face" or ambassodor of this year's Pride.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry Phil but when was Mika ever a gossip blogger? The guy was jst a celebrity groupie. He never gave any gossip all he did was write about the arties he went to and the people who were. The only person who can call himself a gossip blogger is Mogozi Wa Gauteng. Mika gave himself the title of SA's Top Blogger and we all know he isnt. Justcurious has more hits than his site. You have more following than he does. Im not surprised that his 5 min is over.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know I am the face of Gay Pride...
Thank you for letting me know...lol...


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