Hennessy Party in Soweto

Headed down to Soweto with my boys to attend the Hennessy Party at Sedibeng. I was mainly there to work as I was covering the event for Zoopy. Sadly by the time I left the place I was so disappointed that I will probably never want to attend a party at Sedibeng ever again.

In situation such as the disaster that I experienced at this shindig, it's kinda hard to point a finger at someone as you don't know whether the disorganisation was the owner, the event organiser or the brand's fault. 

Firstly the place is way too small to accommodate an event of that magnitude. As we left the event around 11pm there were still people packed outside fighting their way into the place. Inside we were seated in a designated VIP area which should ready have only accommodated 8 people but instead had more than 20. 

We arrived at 20h00 as the show was supposed to start at 20h00. By 22h00 we were still waiting for the first performance. Needless to say at that stage I was so fed up and didn't really wanna be around Soweto passed Midnight. This is not some snobbish JHB north thing but I personally do not like partying too far from home so my cut-off time for the night in Soweto was 12pm anyway.
BUT what really ticked me off and made me decide that this was the worst party I have ever attended, was the booze situation. The "VIP" area was allocated waitresses but only one was really attending to us. Poor thing was overwhelmed which meant drinks took more than 20 min to arrive every time you ordered. 

Even that wasn't the worst of it. Just before 22h00 long before the first performance, the booze in the VIP area stopped coming. When we asked why - the answer was that they have decided to hold off on the booze because the performances haven't started yet. I mean really... why did they start giving out the booze before the performance to begin with. This left us feeling like we were being teased. To make matters worse "people" who clearly had some relationship with someone within the organisers were walking around with bottles of Hennessy. 

It was just tacky and downright low to see such display of disrespect towards people they had invited to come to their show. At this point in the night, you had a VIP area which by that time had already been invaded by regular Sedibeng patrons, dried up and all chaotic. No explanation. Just like that, we were left sitting there like we were lost. That's when I decided, it was time to bounce. I came all the way from Joburg north and sit around with no booze and I was not gonna spend my own money on an event that was so badly organised.

The only good thing that came out of this whole experience was my interview with Proverb. What a cool dude this guy is. I would interview him everyday if I had to. He is just a down-to-earth dude who always has a smile on his face and will be attentive to anybody. I'm so proud of him for being a cool brother within all this craziness of the industry.

Catch my interview with Proverb on Zoopy.com

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