Meet Idols Season 7 Top 10 All Glammed Up

I'm gonna be honest when i first saw the list of the top 10 I was not impressed by the way they looked. Yah yah before you give the "don't be superficial" speech, let's be honest, looks are a big factor in this business.

After: Click pic to see high resolution
It's not fair and shouldn't be happening but the reality is that looks plus talent will get one very far in the entertainment industry. Sadly one can get by with menial talent and hot looks whereas having talent with plain looks means you gonna have to work harder. Season 7 of Idols has no eye candy, which in a way is a good thing as the competition is about talent as it should be, even Dave Van Vuuren who is touted to win the season doesn't really make you melt when you see him so it was a welcomed relief when Mnet revealed the top 10 all glamed up for the live shows.

Lefa Pike
Good to see Lefa in the Top 10. When I met this dude 5 years ago I had no idea that he was this talented until I saw him on Popstars. I think he has proven himself in both shows. We know that he will not win Idols, hopefully some recording company will see his talent and sign him up. There is something special there that could blow up Mzansi. Trust me... 

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