Mika Stefano Sets The Record Straight

Ok you probably read my post about Mika's sudden disappearance from blogville even though he is still called SA's top blogger. Im not much of a Twitter fan but according to the sassy blogger online personality, his fans have not been happy about him going awol. Now he feels he has to give an explanation.

You will see that in my other post Mika gives neither denies nor confirms the rumours about being exiled from celebville. On the issue of Pride 2011, turns out Mika is not the face of the even but rather the spokesperson for the new Gay Flag. Lol, I don't follow much gay news so excuse my confusion there so its GAY FLAG not GAY PRIDE!!!

Mika Stefano has been named by the Gay Flag of South Africa as a spokesperson and promoter as their Jo’burg representative of the pink community.

In his blog, Mika writes;

Like the silly song that we used to sing back in primary school, “Where in the world is Carmen San Diago” one could sing, in the same tune, “Where in the world is Mika Stefano? And that is a good question…
Firstly, I would like to apologize to all my readers of MikaStefano.com.
Between the host domain being down (working on it, my domain contact has gone M.I.A) and my new ventures, I have been terrible with the updating. 
I understand a few people’s frustrations, but to be honest, you didn’t expect me to blog silly parties and random events forever? …lol… I was a bit taken back and hurt by a few blogs and tweets that I have received, but it is all good. The least I can do, is owe you an explanation. On my 1,230th blog post, here goes… CONTINUES HERE 

Mika pioneered this movement of entertainment blogging. No-one can take that away from him and thanks to him the industry has taken the medium seriously. He sounds content and happy with his new gig as a radio host and I wish him all the best with that. For some of us, blogging is just a stepping stone to bigger things. He is absolutely right that running a blog and doing other things can get tedious and taxing after a while so no surprise that his "paying" jobs are taking priority over blogging right now. Congrats to him on his new venture and hopefully he will continue to shine as he did online.

So TRansAfrica, HomoNoHomo is where you will find Mika if you looking for him :) 

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Wesley Dion said...

I get to meet with him @ the studio almost every sunday,I must say he's such a good soul.Outspoken and great wicked sense of humor.He gives "gay" a different dimension.

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