Minnie Dlamini Vs Hush

Sunday World ran a story about the incident that happened at Hush where Mzansi Insider presenter, Minnie Dlamini was allegedly attacked by the bouncers. This appalling incident has shed some light (again) on the issue of bouncers in this country thinking that they are a law unto themselves - If Minie's version of events is accurate. No man should ever lay a hand on a woman and such behaviour should be condemned unequivocally.

I will be very honest... when I read the story it took me a second before I could snap out of my own issues and appreciate the fact that this incident is not just about Minnie but about our attitude as men towards our women. In this month of celebrating our nation's women, incidents like these should not be happening. Not now, not ever.

However, I am human so in my human-ness I immediately went back to the first time that I met Minenhle Dlamini. It was last year November at Atlas studios during the Feather Awards. I was waiting at the bar for drink and as I turned Minnie was next to me. I have always loved Minnie with her on screen bubbly personality and thought she was a nice girl. Naturally, I said "hi" to her not realising that the other girl that was close to us was her friend.

In that moment the other girl said something that I didn't hear so I just didn't pay much attention to her and just continued to try and talk to Minnie. The girl thought I was snubbing her so that I could talk to Minnie. Obviously there was some misunderstanding there. I would never have just moved passed her if I was aware that she was standing there with Minnie. But prior to my trying to talk to her she was talking to other celebrities whilst this girl was just standing hence I didn't see the need to acknowledge the girl as nobody else engaging with Minnie was.

Needless to say, Minnie got very rude. Understandably... she was trying to stand-up for her friend but I found her condescending comments distasteful and uncalled for. Naturally I was put off given the fact that other people had talked to her without acknowledging that girl but she didn't do anything so I figured I was a nobody to her so she felt compelled to save face to her friend by being rude to me. I have never uttered a word to her even though I have seen her around parties since then.

I have been interviewing celebs for a while now and I have come to understand that if you like someone do not expect them to be the image that you have created in your mind of them. Afterall, these people are human too. Of course this, though it eroded the love I had for her, did not diminish my affection towards her work and her position in the industry.

So with that... I wondered whether we were getting the full story in terms of what happened at Hush. Did Minnie and her friends just politely tell the people who were sitting at their table that they have taken their seats? Did the bouncers just come out of nowhere and start hitting Minnie without any provocation? I will be honest and say, having had an unpleasant encounter with her - I had my doubts.

Of course this by no means excuses the bouncers' alledged behaviour or denounces the pain and humiliation that Minnie must have gone through whether at the hands of the bouncers or the patron as Hush claims (Hush read press release below). No-one should ever have to be treated like that in a club just simply because some testosterone-infused airhead wants to assert his "power" by beating up patrons.

This also raised another issue that I have had with rudeness among celebrities. This time though, its the groupies friends. Sometimes you find that the people that surround the celebs tend to be rude to people who want to engage with the said celebs. There is a certain celeb who always surrounds herself with gay boys who could use a little tutorial on etiquette. Sometimes you'd think they are the ones who are famous and not her.

During her ZAR days they would be hovering around her being so dismissive and snaring at everybody they possibly deem "unfabulous" to be talking to their friend. Miss Thang on the other hand would just be smiling and the gays around her will do the bitching. Good thing she's off the celeb scene for now or we'd be getting a story of someone bitch-slapping one of her gay friends.

Press Release by Hush Management:
Johannesburg, Monday 15th August 2011,

Hush, Johannesburg’s premier nightclub, we do not usually respond to negative publicity based on lies, but we are compelled to refute the utterly false, and damaging accusations made by patron Minnie Dlamini on Twitter, and the media this weekend.

TV presenter Minnie interviewed our guest artist, DJ Nasty on SABC 1 Live this past Friday evening. The management then called me to request access for Minnie and her friends to HUSH to watch him perform. We welcomed Minnie and her friends to Hush and provided a VIP table and complimentary vodka – even though our VIP section was full of paying clients.

At some point in the evening after 2am, Minnie and her friends got into an argument with another client at the next door table. These were clients from London (and not African as she stated in her interviews). We are particularly distressed at the undertones of xenophobia in her statements. Hush prides itself on being the venue of choice for international stars, including John Legend, several international DJ’s as well as people from all countries of the world.

As soon as our security professionals were aware of the altercation they intervened to resolve it and restore order. Hush has a zero tolerance policy against violence and any aggressive behaviour by anyone. During the argument Minnie alleged that she was hit in the face. Hush’s owner Mr Stephane Cohen personally comforted her and made sure she was not injured and tried to calm her down.

Minnie alleged that Hush Security had assaulted her, but, as was confirmed by her friends, it was allegedly a client at the next door table who she had got into an argument with. Minnie was caught up in the fight and was hit unintentionally by a male HUSH client. Never was she punched intentionally by any of Hush staff let alone even the client. She was only on the receiving end of a punch that was not meant for her, but for our manager who actually tried to protect Minnie.

Despite looking for the alleged assailant for almost 30 minutes with our head bouncer, neither Minnie nor her friends were able to identify anyone whom she allege assaulted her. That was our understanding at the time followed by Minnie herself choosing to leave the venue at that point. Her friends all stayed and continued to party as if nothing had happened.

Hush prides itself on its reputation as a safe, friendly and welcoming venue for women and men to enjoy a sophisticated and relaxed environment with the best music and entertainment. This is proved time and time again by the many loyal patrons who return every week and who act respectfully towards each other and our security professionals

Our security professionals are highly trained to deal with people in a professional and non-violent manner. Alcohol and ego can be a dangerous mix we know, but we have a long and proud reputation of being a safe and sophisticated establishment. We are concerned about the safety of all Hush patrons and we value their loyalty deeply.

We are saddened that Minnie had a bad experience at Hush and we apologise for that, notwithstanding that it had nothing to do with Hush Management, nor our security professionals. It is the countless South African and International celebrities and friends who trust us with their celebrations and events which have made HUSH the premier entertainment venue for Joburg’s beautiful, Rich and Famous. We look forward to welcoming them again!
Like they say; There are two sides to every story. Hopefully Minnie's is accurate and action can be taken against the perpetrators. The girl is finally getting off of Bonang's shadow and shining on her own, she doesn't need this ugliness in her life.

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