Rihanna Proves Money Can't Buy Class

I love Riri's music and if I had to choose between buying a CD between hers and Beyonces I would most likely buy hers. However, I am disturbed by the stripper singer's continued strek not to attract attention to herself by her music but by antics that leave one wondering why someone with this much talent can stoop this low.

Amid rumours about her troubled love life, the star has been performing her latest songs off of her smash hit albumn, LOUD, all over the world. This time around she performed over the weekend in her native country, Barbados.

Of course, true to her latest form her concert created more buzz about her raunchy stage antics than the performances.

I know it may seem like I am being preachy but when I like someone I feel obliged to say something when they miss the mark.  Sex sells, that's a fact but a girl can be sexy without looking trashy. Beyonce has done some steamy moves on stage but nothing this sleazy. 

Even Ciara who has made some sexually charged videos has a limit but unfortunately our Riri doesn't seem to know when to stop and I personally think all this is hurting her image. Whatever happened to the gorgeous Carribean girl who brought us Pon De Replay and was named one of the most sexiest women on the world ... 

The girl who was the brand ambossor for Veet because of her classy sexy style? This may not hurt her music sales but it sure is denting her once classy image. 


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Anonymous said...

She is not as talented as you imagine.
without the antics,few will notice her.Even with the antics, i fail to notice her.

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