Rihanna Will Do Anything To Grab Attention

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Of all the albumns that I have bought in past year Rihanna's LOUD and Adele's 21 are my favourite. Though these two women are at the top of their game, the difference between how they conduct their career is so vast.

The latter relies on her talent to sell music while the other, though also talent, relies heavily on media attention grabbing gimmicks to remain relevant. 

Just like almost every week this year Riri was photographed again doing something that has put her name in the headlines but has nothing to do with her music. This week she was under-fire for tweeting that she had to starve herself for a magazine cover.

Her fans lambasted her for promoting a bad "message" to her young fans who have to deal with media infused weight issues. A couple of days before that, she was in another controversy when pictures of her inappropriately groping her mother's boobs surfaced on the net. This week she is on the media again with raunchy pics. 

The Bajan singer shocked her native Bajans with a display of raunchy behavior during Barbados’ Kadoomant Day Parade on Monday. Rihanna, 23, simulated lap dances for men and women on board a float during the parade.

She was seen grabbing women’s breasts and making obscene gestures to the crowd. Onlookers wondered if she was drunk? Though this kind of disply is a common thing in the Carribean during these form of parades, one wonders if Rihanna forgot who she was and the fact that she’s a role model for millions of young girls around the world.

My issue is that Rihanna's offstage antic have overshadowed her talent as a musician. Take LOUD for example, it is an amazing albumn that should have made her a star just by virtue of its good material instead of her trying to push it by gimmicks.

Adele will be timeless, her music will continue to resonate with fans long after the hype around her fades because she has put her music before the fame. People who know Adele, know her because of her music.

Sadly with the likes of Rihanna, they will fade with time just as quickly as their looks fail to give them a pass in the industry anymore. There will always be a younger, hotter, wilder girl who will topple them off their top spot if they rely on gimmicks only to remain relevant.

Ask Paris Hilton, now the new IT girls are the likes of Kristin Cavallari. Good thing Kim Kardashian is getting married now and hopefully can have a child and reinvent herself as the reformed bimbo in years to come to remain relevant. We love these girls but gawd... will they ever learn? 

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