South Africa Has Suddenly Become The "It" Destination For International Stars

This year alone Mzansi has hosted stars like Oprah (who should just get a house in Houghton next to Mandela's since she is always here), Kimora and hubby Djimoun, The Script, Ciara, Lil Kim, Chris Brown, Liz Hurley and others that Ican't remember now.

Now we have Vivica A Fox, Trey Songs, Kings Of Leon and James Blunt headed to our beautiful country. Good news as this will definitely elevate the standard of our local industry. However, I get so worried when South Africans put our local stars on the sidelines just to accommodate these stars.

Yes they are international brands but wouldn't it give our own stars some credibility if we didn't fuss too much over foreign stars at the expense of our own stars validation. If we gonna advertise the entire production of an award show around someone like Vivica what does that say about our pride in our own celebrities' star power.

James Blunt: Coming this August

I love Vivica, she is one of my favourite actresses. I am happy that I will get a chance to see her in person but all this has left a bitter sweet taste in my mouth when I see the was the publicity around the SA Sports Awards show is being handled. Singer Brandy is also expected to be in the country for the awards along with model Selita E.Banks. Sugar Ray is also said to be coming to the awards ceremony that will be held in Sun City on the 21st of AugustAnyway, sometimes the positive outweighs the negative and you just gotta roll with the punches.

Trey : Coming in August

As for Trey Songz, guess who is going to be MC'ing his concerts? yep, your girl B confirmed via Twitter that she will be MC'ing the R&B crooner's shows in SA. I'll be honest, I do not know I single song by this dude but he is a looker. Of course I am familiar with him because I read and watch TV but a lot of Joburgers seem to be excited about him coming here. Strangely enough though, the singer is yet to confirm via his Twitter account that he is coming to SA or at-least make some reference to the trip. Most black Americans get all excited about visiting Africa... hmm.

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