Send Vivica Back To America

When our Minister of Sports and Recreation, Fikile Mbalula, invited American actress Vivica Fox to our country he could not have known that she pack her huge ego into her suitcase when headed our way.  

Yesterday South African celebrities, sportsmen and women, and politicians joined Minister Mabula in welcoming international stars Brandy, Vivica A. Fox, Regina King, Sugar Ray Leonard and more to the country ahead of the South African Sports Awards on Sunday when the international celebrities will be presenting awards.

Little did our stars know that there will be in for a rude awakening. That came courtesy of actress Vivica A Fox who threw a tantrum of note at local celebrities including Live presenter Bonang Matheba, Minnie Dlamini and Terry Pheto at Randlords, in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

All was merry until the MC, TBO Touch, invited the Minister, and his American guests on stage for a photo op. Tbo Touch then asked Bonang and Generations actress Sonia Sedibe to join the group.

Before long, Minnie Dlamini, Terry Pheto and another Generations actress, Sophie Ndaba, joined the fray. As the flashbulbs went off, Fox began getting edgy, and then that snooty attitude Americans are famous for came spewing out. 

Fox said: 
“Oh no, I don’t mean to be rude, but please could you get off the stage? Yes, go, get off the stage.” 
She gestured vigorously at them. 

Minnie was particularly peeved, and walked off the stage. This really angered the locals and, predictably, a twitter trend soon followed.


The best tweet came courstesy of Owen Khumalo who twitted;

“#ThatAwakwardMoment When Vivica A. Fox throws diva tantrums at the event she’s been unnecessarily flown to and paid for”

TV and Radio personality, Bonang, Matheba, 

“The way Vivica REDUCED us today!! Kwaahaahaaaaaa!!! I’ve never!”
Nthato Mashishi joined in;

“Tjo.. I’m so disappointed by Vivica Fox’s behavior… so ghetto maaan” 

As much as everybody is shocked by Vivica's behaviour, I think this should be a lesson to all South Africans, actually Africans, STOP sucking up to has-beens. People like Vivica have long passed their sell-by date in the US and will only get that kind of attention here maybe if we gave our own star the same red carpet reception we give them then they would not treat our stars in this manner.

Needless to say, I support our stars and am disgusted by Vivica's behaviour and hop[e this is a lesson to all South Africans to appreciate our own before we fawn over guests who are so ill-mannered that they even insult us in our houses. If you catch my drift ...

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you lucky anybody came to your third world country

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