Taking Ownership Of My Destiny

September 2010 I moved out of my apartment in Benmore Sandton, sold the Mini Cooper and moved to a one bedroom cottage in Melville. I had a plan. That plan was to use the money that I'm gonna get for the car and apartment to launch my career. It was a risky move but I believed in my capabilities. Only one other person cheered me on, my best friend Hugo. 

In November, I decided that I wanted to have my own show. I knew to get that I would have to get some experience as a presenter to convince executives to buy into my dream. When the Feather Awards 2010 came along I spent R18 000 of my own money to cover the red carpet. 

Yep, I went to a friend's studio and told him that I want a crew and equipment to come and shoot a segment on the red carpet at the Feathers. Thanks to the kindness of Thami and the guys behind the Feathers I was given permission to do the shoot. 

With a R7000 outfit I got on that red carpet and stood in-front of the camera for the first time on location and my career was born. I was one step closer to my dream of having my own show. 

From that shoot at The Feathers, I went on to present Class Act Fancam which was my 1st paying gig and now I'm a presenter at Zoopy. Today my dream of having my own show becomes a reality. 

It was painful letting go of the Sandton life after having worked hard to get to it coming from North West. But it feels so good to know that the decision that I took is now paying off. I have spent a lot of money in this past 12 months to get to this point. 

Why am I sharing this? If you have been following my blog from my days at TVSA you would be aware of an article saying that I have a dream and I'm gonna make it a reality and I'm gonna take you with me along the way. 

I wrote that I will keep you guys posted whether I succeed or fail. This is it. A year on I have arrived at the gates of that dream and today I'm putting in the key and opening that gate. 

I still have a long way to go until the first day that my show will go on air. After signing today we will start working on the pre-production preps for the show and we still have to negotiate the terms with the channel but the wheels are officially in motion. 

I am a dreamer, for without dreams I might as well be dead.

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Anonymous said...

well done man..it all starts with a dream and its totaly up to you what you do with it ...it takes coutage and will power to push and hell ..Jobourg is rough ...you need to have your head in the right place..

well done once again -keep up ....you inspire a lot of us in different ways ...
eish nna ke sthaba skolo fela..fees are expensive maan ..and I need papers to go higher in my coporate setup-this inspires me ..ill go for my dream otherwise ill make photo copies forever .

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