Taylor Swift Covers An Eminem Song

Yo check this... as if we didn't love this adorable country singer already, she blew her fans away in the Michigan leg of her Speak Out Tour by covering rapper Eminem's Lose Yourself.

Taylor Swift's been paying homage to hometown music in each city she visits, covering hits by artists from the area. So far, she's paid respect to Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi in Jersey, and Alanis Morissette and Justin Bieber in Toronto. I was so chuffed when I came across this video on youtube.

Now this segment in her tour has become popular with fans, leaving many to wonder if she will cover a Kanye West track when her tour hits Kanye's home turf of Chicago. Given their famous encounter at the VMAs when Kanye spoiled her moment by claiming that she didn't deserve to win over Beyonce.

Bigup sista!!

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