Whiny South Africans Still Reeling Over Big Brother Upset

What an arrogant bunch we South Africans are when it comes to matters of the continet. It's no suprise that our youth league thinks it can impose regime changes in our neighbouring states. So Wendall and Karen won Big Brother instead of a South African, LuClay, boo whoo... get over it.

I don't care much for Big Brother Africa and have probably only watched 2 episodes of the whole season. Personally I don't see why I should waste my sleep watching other people sleep. However, I do acknowledge the fact that it is entertaining for certain people. Having said that I found the outcry from South Africans this over LuClay not winning a bit over-the-top. Yes thus far no South African has yet to win BBA but does that call for South Africa to boycott the show?

Here's fact: South African hardly actively participate in the voting sessions of shows. A very minute number of viewers will spend money voting for a contestant in a TV while the rest will just moan and cry fowl whilst they never even bothered to vote. So, LuClay didn't get enough votes... BIG DEAL!!! Did all these people who are complaining actually vote? Countries like Nigeria rally behind their "housemates". Grante, it was a bit surprising that a Zimbabwean candidate got more votes than a South African but again if you look at voting patterns of the demographic that watch BBA, it makes sense. 

Nigerians support each other in the entertainment industry. Nollywood and its reach across the world even with its lackluster production quality is prove of that. Plus the country has the the most numerous population in the continent so no surprise that its candidate always receive more votes. Now if for every 1 South African that vote 10 Nigerians counter that vote if that 1 South African doesn't even bother to vote then obviously the Nigerian will win. According to votes results Wendall was able to attract votes from countries like Zambia, Namibia and Kenya while LuClay could only get vote from Botswana. That makes perfect sense to me. Look at how we as South Africans categorise foreigners, many do not consider someone from Botswana a foreigner but the rest of our neighbours are.

South Africans should get off their high horses and appreaciate the fact that we can not come first all the time. Africa as a continent has a lot to offer more than just Mzansi and we should be proud of our fellow brothers and sisters. The spirit of brotherhood reigns more supreme around the diaspora than it does in Mzansi because our arrogance has made us look down on our fellow Africans. And we wonder why BBA viewers across Africa would vote for any other housemates regardless of their nationality instead of a South African. 

South African BBA viewers should stop moaning about LuClay not winning and congratulate the winners without bias. With recent xenophobic attacks and the spew of attack on BBA, our image as South African is getting more and more tarnished. Let's show the world and our fellow Africans that we are not arrogant self-centred megalomania. 

Congratulations Wendall & Karen, Africa is proud of you!!! 

As for South Africans ruckers who nearly spoilt the after party of the show and those who continue to rebuke the show and the winners on social media, SHAME ON YOU!! you may not be burning tyres on the streets and killing our fellow Africans in townships but you displaying the same poison of hate that the xenophobic attackers are. Shame on YOU!!! shame shame shame for raining on Wendal and Karen's parade. Shame!!!

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