Amerie To Release New Albumn Next Year

Once upon the time... okay maybe not that long ago but 2 years or so ago (I mean who's counting) when Beyonce was still fresh on the scene as a solo artist there was another girl who looked set to give Bey a run for her money. That girl was Amerie, the sultry songtress exploded on the scene and her tracks were regular club features. Her track "One Thing" garnered a lot of support from Joburg club scene and I sweat I'd seen some few gay boys in Melville booty-hop to the beat. 

Anyway, cut to 2011 and though she didn't really make that much of a dent on Bey's fabulous meteoric rise to the throne of being The Queen, Amerie is back in studio putting some finishing touches on her lastest offering that is expected next year. She has hooked up with her long term producer The Buchanans whom she had worked with on all of her previous albums 

This time around they are working on the new albumn titled ‘Cymatika: Vol 1′. The pair say fans will be in for a very nice surprise as what they will bring to the project will be simply “epic”. Ok, that's some high bar they raising for themselves, let's hope they can back it up coz Bey talks like that cos she can back it up. Lol, sorry I couldn't resist!!

I'm not much of a fan but I am looking forward to what this underrated artist will offer her fans next

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