Brunch With International Fashion Blogger, Bryan Boy

If you are not a fashion fanatic you probably wouldn't know who Bryan Boy is, I didn't. This week Marie Claire and Sunglass Hut invited fashion bloggers to a brunch with this international fashion blogger extraordinaire. I was there with Zoopy to interview the man who has people like Marc Jacobs on speed-dial.

Ya'll know that I am a simple kinda guy and don't really follow any trends but just create my own. Though some of you have complimented me on my dress sense I can safely say I do not see myself as a fashionable person. No surprise then that I do not follow fashion blogs or read much on fashion. After meeting Bryan Boy though I think my outlook on fashion has definitely changed. I have been very vocal about supporting young talent in this country within the fashion blog-sphere.

It's amazing that a young man could start a blog in Milan out of just boredom and needing to share his views of fashion with his friends and turn it into this huge industry force. Bryan Boy has definitely made a mark in the world of fashion. So indelible has his influence in fashion been that Marc Jacobs has even named a bag after him. He is also a front row feature in all the big name fashion in the world's biggest fashion shows like Milan Fashion Week and New York's fashion events. 

At 24, Bryan told me that he is living his dream. Having traveled all over the world and experienced cultures and fashion trends that inspire him everyday of his life, what more can a young man ask for? Notably, is his down-to-earth attitude. Talking to him you wouldn't think this is a guy who writes about an item and it gets sold out within 24 hours or the guy who big name designers, editors and celebrities look to for fashion commentary. 

Cool dude!!!

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