"Countdown" is Beyonce's New Single From 4

It's no secret that Beyonce's latest offering, 4, has failed to create the same buzz as her previous albumns have. Amid anticipation of what Beyoncé’s next single will be, it has finally been confirmed that "Countdown" will indeed impact radio on next Tuesday, Oct. 4.

It's important to note that thus far, though 4 reaching the number one on the albumn chats with respectable numbers, it is yet to offer a number 1 single. I like "Countdown", it’s a catchy uptempo record, that is sure to get plenty of air play and inspire some dance moves in clubs and of course the video will create a lot of buzz if it follows the same plot of Get Me Bodied, Single Ladies or Run The World.

4 has been trashed by critics and some have gone as far as to say it lacks substance. Could this be the reason why Queen Bey doesn't feel the need to push the albumn? Honestly, it seems she just couldn't be bothered about promoting this albumn.

She is suddenly apprearing everywhere since the VMAs and all she seems to be willing to talk about is her pregnancy, her perfume and clothing line. No mention whatsoever of 4. Could it be the case of nobody is asking her about it or she is trying to distance herself from admitting that she could have done better with the albumn?

Beyonce At London Fashion Week
On the other hand maybe this is the new trend in the Carter household as hubby Jay Z pretty much pulled the same thing with his collab with Kanye "Watch The Throne". With no promotion the media pretty much ignored the albumn after talking about it for a day or 2 which ended it getting fewer sales than it had hoped for. Can stars be so big that they do not have to promote their work because you will just buy into it anyway?   
Beyonce in London promoting "Pulse"
I say NO! it's not about just promotion but about making your fans happy. When you "tell' your fans that you don't care much about your albumn, how do you expect them to go and support it? Beyonce is a master at playing the marketing game.

Who knows maybe this is also a marketing strategy. She could be withholding promotion on the albumn just so that the criticism dies down and the BOOOOOM she could be back in full force with a killer single like Schoolin' Life (well maybe not Schoolin Life but it's my favourite track on the albumn... lol).

Bey, back at Macy's AGAIN and still no mention of 4

Guess we'll just have to wait and see!!

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