Hectic Nine 9 Celebrates 1000 Episode On Air

Gone are the days of "Y to the O to the T to the V gimme YoTv! Gimme YoTv!" Yah those were the days when TV used to be fun. Since then local channels have embraced a new generation of kids entertainers. Though they are not as famous as their predecessors nor do they command the same star power the Yotv presenters of yester-years did, some have proven to have the potential to be future industry big players. Take that Raphael boy on q-base, mostly punted for his looks, he has made some in roads in the industry by not just being a presenter but somewhat of a fashionista as well. 

Anyway, with that nostalgic trip down memory lane out of the way... SABC2's youth show Hectic Nine-9) will turn 1 000th episodes old on Monday, 26 September and will celebrate the programming achievement on the day with a special hour long episode starting at 16:00 on SABC2. Yep the show that makes part of the channel's Qbase 28 youth programming has been on our small screens for that long. Who would have thought...

The show, now simply known as HN9, will air a special episode that will feature the reappearance of some old presenters, performances by Mathew Moolman, Hot Water and the electric dance crew, Africa Ablaze.

''Hectic Nine-9 has for years been a place where the new-age youth come together and for the past 1000 episodes, the show has produced content that has cemented its place in the qBase28 youth slot,'' 
 said the gorgeous Zandile Nkonyeni, SABC2 publicity manager. You should see this woman, whoa... HAWT!!!
''The one hour long episode is SABC2's gift to the South African youth for continuing to tune into HN9 and for making the show the success that it is.'' 
Well Zandile, I have to admit, it's not a small feet to achieve this milestone and congratulations to the team for that.

Happy 1000th Episode !! Now where de party at?

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