Is Too Much Attention Making Our Girl B Delusional?

The best advice I have ever gotten in this industry was from Sipho Hotstix Mabuse who said to me "... do not believe the hype". It would appear that one of my favourite local celebs, Bonang, believes too much in the hype that it is making her delusional. 

I was watching SABC 1 a few weeks ago and I happened to see the repeat of LIVE. Just as the show started Bonang did her signature intro and ended it with these words; 
"... You're tuned to the biggest show in the land, LIVE" 
Dumbfounded I went straight to Facebook and asked my friends what land Bonang was talking about. As far as I know LIVE could not even crack the Top 5 Magazine shows in this LAND. That means LIVE has not even attracted an audience of more than 800 000. I figured perhaps B might be talking about SABC 1 and not the entire SA, still, the numbers refuted her claim.

The show is not the biggest show on the channel nor even the biggest magazine show the channel has. So what exactly could Bonang be on about? Does she think just because she is the most famous presenter in SA that automatically means everybody watches her show?

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This week I logged on to her newly revamped website. Firstly the website looks awesome and is more user-friendly than the previous one. There isn't much content right now but I'm already a daily viewer.

That said, something on the main page caught my attention. The information on the bio claims that Bonang's show, Live, is watched by 7 million viewers every week. Seven... Supa... Sewe...Isikhombisa million!!! that means in Bonang's "LAND" the show has more viewers than Generations which fluctuates between the 6 and 7 mil mark. Really?!!

Ok, to be fair maybe Bonang has nothing to do with the typo but considering that she keeps claiming that LIVE is the biggest show in the land when the numbers clearly prove it's not , I could not help but wonder if our girl thinks she is bigger than she actually is.

Ratings: Week33: 15-21 August 

Top Magazine Shows

  • The Real Goboza (SABC1)         2 379 0002 
  • Club 808 (                            2 183 0003 
  • Pasella (SABC2)                         1 624 0004 
  • Ses'khona (SABC1)                    1 428 0005 
  • Mzansi Insider (SABC1)             1 344 000
I love Bonang. She is one of the few people in this industry that I look up to. She is a pioneer and a force in this country. There is no denying her star power. However, could our girl be falling into the same trap that has seen people explode into the scene and fizzle out into oblivion faster than you can say 'superstar'?

Bonang is loved for her down to earth attitude and I can attest to that. Hopefully this is just a simple marketing ploy for the Bonang brand and not a reflection of our girl's delusions about her fame.

Still love yah babes!! BUT do not believe the hype so much that you actually loose touch with reality!!

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Anonymous said...

Hayi I was also thinking that...I mean sooooo many people watch generations including our parents and grandparents. If now I'm the only child in a family of 5 who watches live, then the other 4 don't watch it.

Thank you for clarifying it:)

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