Obama "Scarlet Johansoning" For Art

I always try not to entertain stories of celebrities having their nude pics or sex tapes "leaked" to the media or the net. My thought is; if you are a public figure and you take a nude pic of yourself chances are if someone got hold of it they might expose (excuse the pun) it. Surely these celebrity, dumb as some of them are, have the sensibility to know that fact, which leaves only one conclusion; they take the pics and videos with the intention of having them "leaked" which in turns become the lamest way of attention seeking out there. 


With that I have ignored Khanyi Mbau's nude pics stunt and refuse to give credence to such blatant nonsense. Imagine your child logging online and finding her mother on all four like a w****. Scarlet Johannson, who is more famous and her pics caused more attention, recently had them leaked and did the whole "please take them out of your websites or my lawyers will deal with you". B**** puhleez you want them to be on those sites!

Anyway, attention seeking narcissists aside, an artist has just caused an online frenzy by artist, Dan Lacey, the 11 x 16 inch oil painting which was inspired by the infamous Scarlett Johansson nude photos that leaked online last week after her cell phone was "hacked". The FBI are currently investigation the hacking. Also in the painting, Mr. Obama’s pet dog, Bo, sits and watches his master intently.

Not everyone is happy about the President of the US "Scarlet Johansoning" and some are more irked by the fact that the president's like-ness has feminine features. I personally couldn't care less about this whole thing but I was intrigued by how emotionally invested some people can be in such matters.

The blogs were abuzz these week with debates and some ridiculous opinions on the matter. Of cource the race card came into play as well with some comments claiming that the painter is white and racist for doing this. As if WHITE presidents have never been made fun of.

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