Two Boys Allowed One Last Kiss Before Being Executed For Being Gay

I was shocked when I got sent this picture by an American friend after we had a chat about the parallels between Africa and the western world. The story that accompanies the picture is very vague in that it doesn't even give the name of the alleged African country where this happened BUT nonetheless the image is till haunting.

Warning the image beyond this point is very graphic.

 With the South African LGBT community celebrating Gauteng Pride month and the big Joburg Pride march coming up this weekend, images like this leaves a lot to ponder on. We as South Africans sometimes take our constitutional rights lightly. We sometimes forget that we live in a country that allows anyone to live their lives freely and protects us from any discrimination.

I don't want to dwell too much on the incident behind the pic because as I have stated the information I got with this pic is very vague. This could have happened anywhere in the world so vilifying Africa based on speculations would be wrong of me not that many other bloggers didn't mind doing that. We know gays are prosecuted in many African country and some have been killed by reckless reporting will not help the situation at all.

I share this with you with the hope that you will think about the blessings you have to be living in this country of ours. I share this with the hope that you will not just sit by and watch someone being ill-treated for being gay because if someone in a country where this happened had the guts to speak out for young gay men like these two boys, this would never have happened. Sometimes it's not the perpetrators of hate that perpetuate the "crime" it's those who sit in silence and oblivion to it.

So this Saturday when you getting drunk at Joburg Pride March and the after-parties spare a thought for other young gay men around the world who do not have the same privilege. 

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Anonymous said...

This is depressing!!

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