Celebrity Zoo Day in Joburg With Mika

GP's Gossip Gangster and his friend Stephen Friedman organised a fun day for few local celebs At Joburg Zoo. The day however was not all mingle and fun with the animals, the celebs volunteered to work in the Zoo for the day.

In attendance were rapper AKA, tv personality Sade Gilberti, singer Lyle Anthony, Mi'Casa and Model Max Mmethi... among other industry folks and a couple of media people.

Our Host Mika Stefano

MO (Micasa)

Carol from Metro being interviewed by RGB
I am not much of a radio fan so I didn't know who this lady is. She was introduced to me as Carol from Metro. What a bubbly fun person to chat to.

Zoopy Cameralady: Terri 

Max flexing his muscles
Damn I forget to get a proper pic of Max. He is a fine looking brother and so sweet. He is a bit reserved and kinda shy which just makes him even more appealing, for people who are that way inclined ;). I had a chat with him about Zoopy and his Salon in Pta. I love brothers who are taking initiatives and creating a future outside of the industry for themselves. I will definitely be popping in when I am in Pretoria East. Hmm... it would have helped if I had asked him about the name of the salon. Oops!

 It's always a pleasure to meet the Mi'casa guys. Not only am I a huge fan of their music, I also like the guys because they are so cool and laid back. My boy, Mo, was there with his bubbly self. I swear you wouldn't say that this boy is part of one of the biggest group in SA right now. Mo is just MO!

Our guide, Kevin, who was very sweet and informative

Rapper AKA
I don't know why people say AKA is arrogant. The guy is one of the coolest and sweet guys I have met  in this industry. He is always eager to do an interview and would never just be rude like some people in this industry. It was also nice to see him get all down and dirty feeding the girrafes. Keep your swag and being cool bro, it works well for you!

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