Could This Be The Big Break Cga Bopha's Been Looking For?

Joburg socialite, Cga Bopha, real name Sipho Masebe will be playing a Downlow/Bisexual guy in an E-Tv show. 

For quiet some time a lot of people have been asking what is Cga famous for. Personally I never really knew the answer. All I knew was that at some point he tried to be a musician and is seen at most parties in Jozi. He is also a regular feature on blogsites such as JustCurious and JucyAfrica.

Upon receiving the email from Etv about his role on Imfihlo, I figured finally the brother can atleast add some actual work cred on his perceived fame. That's until I found out that the show will be part of the Ekasi storylines and it's not a full series.

"Imfihlo - The Secret" forms part of Etv's hugely popular low budget movies that feature in the channel's Monday Monate primetime slot.  The synopsis of the Imfohlo reads;
John and Mirriam have been for a couple of years and they are the perfect young black family trying to better themselves. When John loses his job, and their comfortable life, he finds a way of making money (escourt services in a gay bar) that leads into the underbelly of what is known as living life on the DL.
It's a story that's been told many times before but the production behind Imfihlo promises to bring a fresher approach to this taboo yet prevalent issue. Notably, the person who penned the script for this movie is none other than a consultant on the SABC 1's show of the same theme, After 9, which ran a year or so ago on that channel - Mr Fanney Tsimong . Gay guys in Joburg will know him as one of the owners of V2 brand that brought the Jozi gay scene popular club, Lemon8 in Selby.  He was also the creative mind behind Somizi Mhlongo's defunct talkshow, Intimate Connexions a few years ago.  

Imfihlo is produced by the local industry's dynamic duo of Puo Pha Productions, Lodi Matsetela and Makgano Mamabolo, who were behind another gay themed show on SABC 1, Society

Though this will not be Cga's first tv role, it will be the first show which features him in a noticeable  supporting role opposite the talent of Thabiso Lekua as "Thoriso" and Dj Zinhle in the role of "Thuli". Ekasi stories are a big ratings coup for the channel but not quiet the vehicle that one would count on to make a splash in the industry. The shows may be watched by millions of South Africans but they are generally ignored by the Joburg North masses which is where the celeb circles are. Because of that I am a little doubtful that this role will do much for his career beside fueling more debates about his sexuality. Nonetheless I am proud of him for never giving up on his dream. He has been at it for a long time now and I believe he has paid his dues and deserves a real break. 

I just don't know why he is not cracking the A-list brigade because his profile is impressive. We have people gracing the A-List right now who have done far less than he has. The guy boasts roles (though small) on shows like; 
  • A Place Called Home
  • Backstage
  • Rhythm City
  • Tshisa
  • Mr Bones 
You can catch Cga as Mandla on Ekasi Stories: Imfihlo - The Secret on Etv, 21 November 2011 at 21h00.  


Mfana-Ka-Joe said...

Haaibo, Cga is gay mos. Why are people on Just Curious saying he is dating that Kiki girl. Sipho has always been gay even when he still lived at his mother's place in Alex. He dated Given. First it was Japhta claiming that he is dating that Generations girl and now Cga is all of the sudden dating girls.

I hope that Kiki girl knows that Cga is only using her for publicity. He is known within the gay circles for doing anything for the Fab life.

I'm looking forward to seeing him in bed with a man maybe this speculations will end. Thanks for the info about the show. I love your work by the way. Keep up the good work Mr Mphela

PhilMphela said...

Ok, Mfana. If Cga did date that Given person does that mean he is not allowed to date anyone else? This is the exact problem I have with labels. Just because someone dates a guy he gets labelled GAY and then when he meets a girl people like you start screaming "FRaud". Whether Cga is gay or not should not be front page news but unfortunately we live in a world that says it should be.

Maybe Cga likes boys and girls... ever thought about that before you call him a fraud? So perhaps if you are that sure that he dated that guy he is now found love in a woman and there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

hehehe. cant wait to see how this Cga-Kiki thing turns out. she seems like a cool person and for her sake I hope he really does like her.

Sistas said...

Phil you just killed me with your response you remind me of that female comedian who jokes that she will not buy it if her husband comes to her after 12 years of marriage claming to be gay... she says she will believe no such thing especialy if the dude has never done her hair or decorated her house Lol...Sexual orientation is a matter of geography shem...and it is a fluid thing, not set in stone!

PhilMphela said...

Hey Sistas

"she says she will believe no such thing especialy if the dude has never done her hair or decorated her house"

That's hilarious

Anonymous said...

i caught snippets of the show.Nothing spectacular.
Kiki is pregnant for him i hear, so i hope for the sake of the baby they are sure of what they are doing?No need swinging around the corner.
I am more worried about how a guy like him with very little proof of talent is all over the media?I see nothing to warant all the attention.

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