In Loving Memory Of A Cyber-Friend: Reno Oscar O'Hara

I just found out from the The Star newspaper that one of my online friends and biggest fan of my work, Reno Oscar O'Hara, was killed few months ago in what the newspaper reports as possible serial GAY killings.

The daily newspaper reports:

Four months ago, Oscar O’Hara, 33, had been house-sitting in Kensington for friend and author Ivan Vladislavic. He was bound and strangled by an unknown assailant or assailants. His body was discovered a few days later, when the author returned home from the UK. read more
This is a very sad and heartbreaking for me as the last Facebook chat I had with Oscar, he was planning to come to Jhb and hopefully meet me. He often told me how much he loved my articles and teased me that I'm homophobic because all the articles I write about gay men are negative. 

Our last Facebook chat discussing my breakup with my partner then. 
Oscar's death is part of a spade of murders that have been reported around the greater Johannesburg that the police believe are targeted at gay men. Read full story HERE

Rest In Peace ... my friend.

*Guys be careful about people you connect with on these gay dating sites or any site for that matter. The internet can be a dangerous place too. Meet in a public place before you can invite a stranger into you home. this could safe your life.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this post, had chats with reno now and then and was saddened by this.Hope hes in a better place.Often the victims in these situations are just categorised as numbers, "the 3rd victim "etc.and i commend you for honoring him.

Anonymous said...

this is so sad as it is my first time hearing that Reno passed away.I still have his number on my cell and i was by his flat yesterday.Thanks for honouring him

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