Justin Bieber Ft Busta Rhymes In A Remake Of An Xmas Classic

You gotta give it to Justin Bieber, the YouTuber-turned-superstar refuses to fade out without a fight. I am inclined to actually start thinking he might just be the future of music. Yeah yeah I know ... but I have to admit that some of his songs have become one of my guilty pleasures. "Born To Be Somebody", "Angel" and "Smile" have been on replay on my iPod for months. Now Selena Gomez's boyfriend has just pulled a rabbit out of his hat again. His latest version of a classic Christmas song may just bevome the biggest dance track over the world this festive season. 

For his forthcoming holiday album Under The Mistletoe, Justin Bieber transforms the Christmas classic “Drummer Boy” into a club song with a thumping dance beat. And he raps too with a little backup from does Busta Rhymes. 

Listen to the track and tell me what you think.

Justin Bieber feat. Busta Rhymes – “Drummer Boy”

".. I'm so tight I might go psycho
Christmas time so here's a recital
I'm so bad like Michael
I know I'm still young
But I go stupid
Love like cupid
I'm the drummer boy so ..."
With references to Twitter, Michael Jackson and the homeless the song will definitely appease many of the young heartthrob's fans and win him more, not that he needs any. The Canadian singer is estimated to be worth over $65m with his first album sold over 700,000 copies in just three weeks and raking in the dough with endorsements and two movies in the works. Damn, no wonder Kim K was trying to

After listening to the track for a couple of times, I can honestly say I like it. I love remixes of classic. Anybody who's been to my house will tell you that I have remixes of every track imaginable.

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