Kinda Hard To Fault SABC For Mandela Funeral Rehearsal When Family Is Milking His Legacy For All It's Worth

The latest news about the Mandela family is that some members of the family have voiced some concern over the alledged M-project as the SABC. The M-Project if said to be a project on the coverage of Nelson Mandela's funeral which the national broadcaster has acquired broadcast rights. One prominent voice from the family who voiced her unhappiness is Madiba's former wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

Madikizela-Mandela was quoted as saying that the SABC's rights to the funeral ;
"are a reality and are causing pain in the family"
The SABC has vehemently denied the report of such a project existing, let alone any rehearsal of such nature. However, Winnie is quoted by the weekend papers as having said;
"We know that the SABC has not only drawn the funeral coverage plan, the M-Project, we also [know] that the staff of the SABC involved in the M-Project conduct regular rehearsals of the funeral coverage. During recent such rehearsals, one of the employees broke down and cried. This M-Project is causing pain to Tata's children. The family deserves respect"
Mandela's Garnddaughters. Soon to be reality stars

It's important to note that the SABC continues to deny these claims with it's spokeperson saying the public broadcaster, like other media, broadcast special events including the funerals of high-profile people. 
"I'm not aware of any exclusive rights. This is a matter handled by government. We recently indicated there is no contract with the SABC."
Now I do not know the legal implications of all this so I can't really comment much on but as a South African, an African and a human being I find all of these a bit disturbing. Not only is a man's life up for sale (in manner of speaking) but his legacy continues to be eroded even by people within his own family. His name is copyrighted, that's alarming in itself, and now his granddaughters are doing reality shows by virtue of being his spawn. Now how do you tell the world not to exploit your father, grandfather, bother and husband, friends, iconic figure, etc when his own family is doing exactly that. Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

Just leave the man and his legacy alone. Shame on all these people that think of someone who has given his life to the liberation of others as a goose that lay golden eggs for their own personal enrichment and lust for fame, family or not.

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