MNet Celebrates 25th B'Day With A Flashmob At OR Tambo International Airport

Everybody is doing it around the world so why not have our very own flashmob at our biggest natiuonal airpot. That must have been the thought behind this Flashmob to celebrate local channel Mnet's 25th Birthday. I watched this video about 3 times. Given how expensive bandwidth is in South Africa that meant a lot. I really wanted to watch the video and appreciate it for the effort that must have gone into making it. Unfortunately, if we are going to compete on an international level we can not just overlook mistakes and just applaud proudly even when our efforts fall short. 

Sadly, as cute and fun as the video is and the experience must have been to those who witnessed it live,  the flashmob doesn't work and fails to evoke the same emotions that similar YouTube videos of Flashmobs that have gone viral have managed to capture. The music for the most part in the video is not in sync with the dancing. Only towards the end of the video do you actually get a sense that this was a rehearsed and planned routine. Cut-aways of onlookers' expressions do sell the moment but sometimes the camera just moves around and fails to focus on the "right" moments.  

A better choreography and cohesion with the routine could have made this a beautiful moment. I doubt this video will go viral or do much for the Mnet brand as it is not mind-blowing. I wonder who choreographed the piece. Perhaps it's the music but when you watch this after watching other flashmobs on YouTube you will see that it lacks something. 

Nice try though...

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