Flash On SABC 3 Fails To Impress

Reviewers and viewers alike have given Flash on Sabc 3 a thumbs down as the much hyped up season 2 of the show fails to hit the right notes. 
90% of the comments on various platforms about the show were negative. Much of the criticism is about the presenter and the guests.

Mainstream Media:

Upon hearing that Flash will be on for a second season, Munyaradzi Vomo writing for Tonight asked: 
The shocker is that Flash, the SABC3 magazine show, is back on our screens. Given how pointless it was the first time, it is simply mind-boggling how it made it to a second season.
More interesting is his Q&A with the presenter;
“Flash will go wider than other shows as it will cover other things apart from music, fashion and sport,” Touch said, defending the show.
But that sounds like all the other homogenous shows we have from SABC that claim to uniquely cover the entertainment news. Seriously, there is no difference in the content between Mzansi Insider, Real Goboza, Live, Selimathunzi and Flash. 
“Well, the Flash team have an edge over the other shows because they have personal relationships with some of the celebrities whose stories we cover, so we get the stories first,” he said. 
But Bonang, Phila, Minnie, Sizwe and all other TV presenters have personal relationships with the celebrities they bring on their shows. No, wait, even I have a few A-listers who I am on a first-name basis with. It’s just the nature of the business, especially with the small entertainment industry we have. So, Mr Touch sir, what are you talking about? Unless, of course, if you mention Akon, then everybody backs off because we know you guys are tight. 
“We have access to big stars, like, for example, when David Guetta and Akon come down to South Africa, I will be at the airport to meet them,” he said. 
“Essentially we are taking you to the best events that took place in South Africa recently that you need to know about,” he added. 
Still, we ask, how is what Bonang or Minnie say about the same events different from what Tbo Touch says, because they will definitely be there?
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 Blogger on JustCurious.co.za commented;
Buhlebonga on Mon, 10th Oct 2011 11:34 am I think they did okay for a first episode… It was a slow news week actually. I’m happy it’s not tabloid. We’ll leave that to RGB and Headlines.
What needs to be said though is that even though the LSM is 7-10, most of those people have DStv and that means that most of the people left to watch Flash are people with no DStv, which makes it important for Flash to also appeal to the lower LSm( this doesn’t mean that the content must then be trashy, good Lord no) however it must appeal to all the viewers.

The celeb guests on the show need to be IT people. Marissa Drummond, as hot as she is, is not an IT person. IF she was showing us pictures of her new bambino, oh most def then have her on the show, but that was random.
Can you guys NOT go to events like ALL the other shows? We’d be bored.

Monitor any social network drama. There should be loads… Be like Entertainment Tonight and focus ona particular celeb/theme for the week and make it work.

Get RESCUE drops for Touch please… AND tell him to speak his mind please?
Otherwise I’m happy and I hope that you’ll continue the show and do a great job. It has potential.
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 mary martin Flash sabc 3 is jst plain weird man, I dnt like Tbo touch's fake accent! E mbora nou! 
 Poeletjo Mphahlele I wonder what  thinks of Touch's amuuurican accent?! Lmao!!   

Sabc3 Flash! U need someone to spellcheck!! It's Erfsondes and Hollywood with 2 L's.

But none was more scathing than TV Critic, Thinus Ferreira, on his review on Tv with Thinus. He writes;
The second season of Flash! with the highly ineffective and ill-suited presenter Tbo Touch comes across as a hollow echo chamber of rehashed ''heard it, seen it'' entertainment news. Add to that an in-studio celebrity interview segment that creates the impression that Flash! couldn't find enough news with which to fill the half hour show that was already slimmed down from the first season's hour.
He continues;
Within 3 episodes Flash! has already made changes. Gone is the iPad as if to say ''We're connected. But not that connected''. The flimsy, transparent and round perspex table (copied much from E! News?) that wobbled as much in the first episode as the content, got lifted markedly higher by the 3rd episode. 
The wider angle, bluer hue backdrop has been adapted for more close-up filming and a more boxed-in look reminiscent of 80s MTV done-on-the-cheap music news shows. Also gone are the pink overlights. Following after the sleek, high gloss production values of Entertainment Tonight, Flash! looks amateur, unfocused, and without depth compared to the daily and slickly-produced V Entertainment on Vuzu (DStv 123). 
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I have seen the show and have my own issues with it but the main thing for me is that putting the show right after Entertainment Tonight was a huge mistake. It's hard not to compare the two if they are running one after the other. I do think they could have gotten more livelier presenting team and the content could be less repetitive but all in all I have enjoyed watching it. 

Side info. Word is, @MsLeloB who is the editor of JustCurious is also working for show and it appears that the blogsite will be having weekly reviews / recaps of the episodes. Read last week's recap HERE

Catch the show on SABC 3, Fridays at 21h00 and decide for yourself if the show is a HIT or a MISS.

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Anonymous said...

everyone keeps complaining about Touch's accent yet he keeps getting jobs left,right center.
Something does not add up in my view.how long has he been back in the country?Can't he just lose the accent?it is so irritating.

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