Things That Piss Me Off

I'm human and there are things that gets me rattled up... actually let me be blunt... they piss me off. That is people who are not willing to work for their dreams. It infuriates me when someone sits in his/her fat behind moaning about not having opportunities when he or she could be out there researching information about how he/she can improve his or her life.

There is a saying that 'DO NOT JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE, BE PART OF IT'. Much as our country is full of corruption but atleast some of these young people who amass wealth by corrupt means are doing something. I am by no means condoning such though.

The worst thing is these young people who expect to be rescued. They sits around complaining that there are no jobs. When you ask them why they are not going to the CBD or Internet cafes to look for information, they will tell you that they don't have money BUT come weekend they have money for alcohol and Carvellas.

Bonang toowill tell you that you can't sit on your laurels and expect things to happen 
Nowadays technology affords us instant access to information and so many opportunities. If I can come all the way from North West with very little English proficiency and qualifications yet manage to create a career from myself, what's stopping all these kids in Gauteng who have an abundance of government initiatives to help them realise their dreams? 

In as much as I had an issue with the head of National Youth Development Agency saying that he is not Miss SA and people should not expect him to advertise his post, I do acknowledge that there is some merit to his arrogant statement. 

Whose responsibility is it for YOU to know about NYDA as a young person? Should the government come to your house to tell you about it or you should take responsibility for your life and future by equipping yourself with the knowledge.

This rant is motivated by questions that I keep getting on my about agencies and people in the industry's numbers. What irritates me about some of these questions is that they reflect some of the laziness that plague our youth.

You ask me about the best agencies in this country and you expect me to go and look for their numbers for you. How insulting. Number 1 - this tells me that you are not really that serious about being in this industry, you just wanna be famous.

If you were really serious you would know that you need to research agencies and findout which will best suit the career path you want to take. Just because an agency represents Bonang Matheba and she is successful, it doesn't mean you will get the same success by just being in that agency.

Dumb kids on Cutting Edge last week. Read Pruluv's episode review HERE

This industry is about hard work. Getting in is not as easy as it looks. Some of us have had to knock on doors, be exploited, roll with the punches, etc just to get the break that will launch our careers. Even those who have made it will tell you that it is a constant marathon to remain relevant and keep the jobs coming in. If you are not prepared to do your homework now, how will you survive once you get in?

My facebook status my have seemed harsh but I reiterate it; I am not the YELLOW PAGES. Do your own research as that will equip you with the knowledge that will help you in the decisions you will be making pertainingto your career path in this industry. BUT this goes for everybody in any field. Do not blame your circumstances or background for your shortcomings.

Your surroundings should never define your future. You hold the key to a better life so get out there and challenge the world by telling yourself that you will not be what your circumstances say you should be.

The workforce love ingenuity and dedication. All employers love people who take initiatives so why not find a company that you wanna work for and volunteer to work for free so that you can earn the skills you need to be hired.

I started off with my writting without being paid for it. Now that has led to what has become my career. If the world won't give you opportunities, create them and stop being so lazy to seek information.

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