1 Year Anniversary of Phil Mphela brand: Memorable Moments

In November 2010 I started my career in-front of the camera interviewing South Africa's biggest stars. A year on and what a ride it has been. From the dusty streets of Rusternburg to the red carpets of Mzansi. I can not even count the number of interviews I have done or events I have attended.Though moments like being in the same room with stars like Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Brandy, Coldplay, Elizabeth Hurley, Kimora Lee Simmons, James Blunt and our President have been amazing, it's been moments with our local stars that have made an impact in my career and life. These are some moments that stood out for me.

The First Celebrity

For my very first assignment on the red carpet I covered the Feather Awards and she was my very first interviewee thus making her the first celeb on my interviewing career. Actress Zikhona Sodlaka.

Most Awkward

Of course I was still a rookie at this so when I got a chance to chat to Pabi Moloi on camera and she gave me this cold responses I nearly crashed to the ground. As bad as the incidents was, I habour no ill-filling towards her and actually am thankful to her for keeping me on my toes and making me realise that I can actually do this nomatter how bad it gets. I asked her; Do you think celebrity culture still exist in Mzansi and she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "What does that mean? Ask me a real question." That's definitely one moment I will never forget.

Most Surprising

This definitely has to go to Primrose Crouse. I interviewed her at the Feathers at the height of her love triangle drama with Khanyi. I did not expect her to be as candid as she was with me given that she didn't know who I was but she was just forthcoming and cool about it even though some of the questions I asked her were a bit personal.

David Tlale. He has a reputation for being arrogant but when I interviewed him he was just ... nje! I even asked him about the arrogance thing and he was more than happy to address it and even asked me if I think he is arrogant now that I am talking to him.

Most Fun
watch vid here

I would interview Kenny Kunene anytime of the day. The guy is such a fun person to talk to. You would think someone in his position within this industry would be all stuckup and dismissive but he is not. He is always happy to chat and always makes show that you get what you want from the interview.  I have interviewed and talked to him few times now and each times he has been very laid back and accommodating  Few celebs could learn a thing or two from him.

Star-struck Moment

Definitely my first interview with Nambitha Mpumlwana. I am a huge fan of her work and she represents the respect I have for this industry. When I began interviewing her and she complimented me on my work I just lost it. I got tongue-tied and could do the interview. Of course she hugged me and told me it's ok. I did get to do the interview and have since interviewed her again and she's been great. I love her to bits.

Best Interview

Miss Lira. I had a one-on-one with her at Sandton Sun. This will go down in my career as one of the best interviews I have ever done. She was just as elegant and warm as I had imagined her to be. After the interview we talked for a while about the industry and her views about celebrity culture. I don't even wanat to interview her again because I'm scared it might just taint the beautiful moment that this interview was for me. Unfortunately the edited version of the interview for Zoopy only captures 90 seconds of our chat but the whole interview with nothing short spectacular.

Most Enjoyable Interviews

DJ Sbu. What I like about interviewing him is that I can ask him a question that he is not comfortable with and he would still answer without being rude or condescending. He is always happy to take a moment and do the interviews when I meet him at events even when he is busy with other stuff. That for me is something I respect because it shows that he doesn't look down on anyone and values everyone. Sometimes you find that a celebrity is too busy to stop and chat to you, that's understandable if they politely tells you to wait. With the times that I have asked him for an interview he has actually taken the time spare few minutes to talk and move on to whatever he was doing. Of course this goes both ways. I would never just expect someone to leave something important that they are doing and talk to me, but some times you find that celebs want you to plead with them to do an interview so when I have to deal with people like DJ Sbu I find it so refreshing.

Celeb I Would Love To Interview

Bassie Khumalo. Just to sit down with that woman and pick her brain for just few minutes would be so awesome.

Others: Dr Precious Moloi, Keketso Semoko, Mfundi Vundla,

Most Disappointing Moment

You would think that after interviewing almost every celeb in this town I would have learned by now not to live up to the image you have of who they are. You see someone on TV and automatically assume that they are nice all the time. Well, I got a slap behind the head and a reality check when I tried to interview Sizwe Dhlomo. Needless to say I was so disappointed that he could be that rude. Of course that was a huge wake up call as now I know never to assume that just because someone is projecting this image of being Mr Nice Guy doesn't mean that who he is in real life.

Special Award (lol)

You girl B. The thing about Bonang is that she encompasses all the qualities that makes someone a star and a nice person. To just put her in one category would be a travesty as she transcends all expectations you might have of someone in her position within our society. Ever so bubbly and willing to have a chat on camera, I am always in stitches when I have to interview her. She is just a girl-friend to everybody. A quintessential girl next door (with fame and money , of course). How do you box a gem like that? So, for being the epitome of a star Miss Bonang Matheba takes the award for my all round best interviwee (is that a word?) of my career thus far.

Other notable celebs that stood out include:

Dineo Ranaka
Gugu Zuma
Sizwe Ngwekazi
Sashi Naaido
Pam Andrews
Azania Ndoro
Simphiwe Dana
Dion Chang
Jeannie D
Connie And Shona Ferguson
LeeAnn Liebenberg
Sello Maake
Lilian Dube
Sonia Booth
Rosie Motene

Now as I make the transition into television (more about that later), I can't help but be grateful to some the above mentioned people for being part of making my dreams a reality. Without their generosity with their time, I would not be where I am right now and the future looks even brighter. Moving on to bigger platforms, I hope I can always count on them to have a chat when I call for an interview

This is just a prelude to the 2011 Look-back articles. Over the course of next few weeks I will be sharing few articles on the Best and the Worst of 2011. From red carpet divas, favorite TV moments, Best new comers, latest scoop on what to expect next year and much more...

Thank you all for your support

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