Another Gay Themed Ekasi Movie

I guess in Mzansi if you want to grab the nation's attention, put gay stories on tv. It would appear that the "suits" at Etv are well aware of this. Judging by the success and publicity that Imfihlo got them last week, their next gay themed movie looks set to garner huge ratings.
Sizwe Tswae

On the 28th November, next Monday, etv will broadcast another gay themed movie as part of its Ekasi Stories feature. Of course the movies leave a lot to be desired in terms of production quality but they sure do start a conversation among the viewers. This time around eKasi stories tackles the sensitive issue of HIV within the gay community and how that affects the relationship between the lovers and their respective families.

The Synopsis:
Themba and Thabo are gay and literally married. But when Thabo suddenly dies, Themba has to deal with his estranged family as they make plans to bury him. Thabo's family finds it hard to comprehend their son's sudden death and they accuse Themba of murdering their son. They then do all they can to make sure that their sons sexual orientation is hidden from their neighbours and extended family giving Themba no opportunity to mourn the death of his lover but has to worry about the feud that is developing between him and Thabo's family.
Thabo Van Whye (Sitting)

The feature stars unknown actors, Thabo Van Whye and Sizwe Tswae, in the lead. This will be Sizwe's debut acting job, ever. Thabo on the other hand has done some theatre. Just thought that's worth mentioning so that you do not expect some Oscar winning performances, but if there are there , come Monday, then you can be proud of the boys for making their debut on screen in a bang.

Catch Unconventional Love on Monday at 21h00 only on Etv

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